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Episode 126: The History of Bodybuilding with John Hansen

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In this special episode, Coach John Hansen is introduced. John recently joined the team as a coach and has quite an extensive history in this sport including the title of Mr. Natural Olympia. Stephen and John chat all about the sport of bodybuilding and how it has evolved within the years, in this episode. 

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  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 138: How Long Should Your Improvement Season Last?


    In this episode, three of the team's coaches talk on the topic of an improvement season and more specifically, how long an improvement season should last. Improvement season, the season spent away from the stage and prep, is so important for an athlete's longevity and their ability to IMPROVE for their next show. The length of one's improvement season is dependent upon a lot of factors, all of which, are talked about in this episode. 
  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 137: Supplements 101 with Doug Miller


    In this special episode, Paul sits down with the owner of Core Nutritionals, Doug Miller. As a Core Nutritionals athlete, Paul interviews Doug and they discuss the supplement industry and how it has evolved throughout the years. From how Core Nutritionals has grown to be one of the largest supplement brands, to how the company initially began, Paul and Doug do a deep dive into the world of supplementation, in this podcast! 
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  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 136: Setting Up Macros: Variables to Consider


    In this episode, Coach Stephanie and Phil breakdown the topic of macros and what to consider when you are trying to set them up for yourself. Whether you are new to tracking your macros and want some guidance on where to start your numbers off at or you are someone who is just looking to get back to tracking, this episode is the perfect resource for you!
  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 135: Everything You Need To Know About Competition Bikinis with Karah Jones


    In this special episode, Paul and Lexie sit down and talk with the owner and founder of one of the industry's biggest suit companies. Karah Jones from Angel Competition Bikinis discusses everything from the evolution of competition suits in the bikini division, how her company started, and things to consider when ordering your very own suit to rock on stage. 
  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 134: Setting New Year's Resolutions


    Happy New Year from the ProPhysique Code! We are kicking off the year with a special episode all about setting new year's resolutions and goals. In this episode, sit down with some of the ladies from the team to find out how you can set yourself up for the best success when it comes to setting your own resolutions this 2022.
  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 133: 2021 In Review


    Kicking off the last podcast of the year with a full recap of the 2021 year! Paul and Dani sit down to recap and review the highlights from 2021. Shows, pro wins, milestones, behind the scenes Team ProPhysique highlights, and MORE. Enjoy this fun filled episode recapping an amazing year. 
  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 132: Overshooting Weight Gain in Offseason


    How much weight should you plan on gaining in your improvement season/offseason from stage? In this episode, Kayleigh and Stephen talk about this topic more in depth and what you should expect when approaching this season of your competitive career. 
  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 131: Applying Exercise Science to Coaching


    In this special episode, Coach Stephen introduces Coach Priscilla, one of the team's newest coaches. Priscilla earned both her bachelor's and master's of science in exercise science with a concentration in strength and conditioning. In this episode, she talks on this specific topic, what she learned through her years of research and schooling and how it applies now that she coaching. 
  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 130: Is that Post Really Talking to you?


    Hey you! Yes, YOU! Is that post really talking to you? In a social media world full of so much information, it can be hard to filter out what may not apply to you, as a client and athlete. You may see a popular post on social media and think it applies to what you should be doing, but is it really applicable to you as an individual? Dani and Tyler talk more in-depth on this topic, in this podcast episode. 
  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 129: Science Based Fitness with Jorge Rosado


    In this special episode, Paul sits down and talks with one of the team's coaches, Jorge Rosado. Jorge comes from an extensive background in science-based fitness and strength where he has truly grown his reach through his Instagram profile where he primarily shares science-backed strength tips. Enjoy this episode and get to know another one of Team ProPhysique's amazing coaches. 

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