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Episode 115: Podcast Anniversary

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Happy 1 Year Anniversary to the ProPhysique Code! In this special episode, Paul, Dani and Lexie all sit down to reflect on the past year and to celebrate this mini-milestone. Future plans for the podcast, current top episodes and more are all discussed in this fun-filled episode. 

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  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 126: The History of Bodybuilding with John Hansen


    In this special episode, Coach John Hansen is introduced. John recently joined the team as a coach and has quite an extensive history in this sport including the title of Mr. Natural Olympia. Stephen and John chat all about the sport of bodybuilding and how it has evolved within the years, in this episode. 
  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 125: 5 Ways to Have a Successful Client/Coaching Relationship


    In this episode, Dani and Aliza touch on the 5 key components to having a successful client/coaching relationship. In order to progress, a client must put forth just as much effort as the coach and vice versa. Find out some of the key things that make for a successful relationship and find out how these components can be implemented in order to yield success. 
  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

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  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 124: Meal Prepping 101


    Meal Prepping 101: In this episode, you will get the run down on some of the best tips and tricks when it comes to preparing your meals in bulk. Lexie, Christina and Rachel discuss some of their favorite meal prep "hacks" and strategies and how you can set yourself up for the week by preparing your food in bulk, to some degree. 
  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 122: Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain


    In this episode, Jojo and Phil talk about the topic of holiday weight...most people's worst nightmare, but unfortunately, a common trend seen amongst the population around this time of the year. Learn how you can avoid holiday weight gain, yet enjoy yourself to the fullest, around this time of the year.
  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 122: 80lbs Down in High School


    In this episode, Paul and Stephen introduce Gillian. Gillian is one of the newest coaches here at Team ProPhysique and comes from a background of coaching lifestyle and competition prep clients. Furthermore, she had quite a journey of her own, starting in high school when she lost an astounding 80lbs.
  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 121: You Overate...Now What?


    You now what do you do? This happens to the best of us from time to time and while most people's gut instinct is to severely restrict and cut back the following day, that is typically not the smart route. In this episode, Phil and Sarah break down what you should do if you have an overeating episode.
  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 120: Breast Augmentation Experiences


    Learn and laugh as some of the girls of ProPhysique talk all about their experiences with breast implants and undergoing a breast augmentation. All have slightly different experiences, all of which are disclosed in this special "boob talk" episode. 
  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 119: From Marathon Runner to Bikini Competitor


    In this special episode, Dani introduces Stephanie, one of the newest additions to the ProPhysique coaching staff. Stephanie originally comes from a running background but has since then pivoted into bodybuilding and competing as a bikini competitor. Learn more about her journey, in this fun episode!
  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 118: Not Losing Your Identity During Prep


    As a competitor, prep can be extremely consuming and can oftentimes feel like another job. Maintaining your true self and identity beyond just being a competitor is important because after all, prep is not going to last forever. In this episode, Jessica and Rachel speak more on this topic, coming from a competitor's viewpoint. 
  • The ProPhysique Code podcast

    Episode 117: Girl Talk: Postpartum Edition


    Let's chat all about postpartum life. Christina (a mother of 3 and soon to be 4), Dani (a new mother to one) and Kayleigh (a mother to one), sit down and chat about life postpartum. Breastfeeding, working out, sex and more...are all disclosed in this fun episode!

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