The Future of High Impact Presenting podcast

The Future of High Impact Presenting

Maurice DeCastro

The future of high impact public speaking & presenting tells you in a clear, compelling and inspirational way everything you need to know about high impact public speaking and presenting. Most presentations today (especially business presentations) are fare too long, repetitive, uninspiring and boring. We live in a world of noise where everyone is so busy being busy they don't have time for more unhelpful, long drawn out information. Mindful Presenter was created through a combination of frustration, curiosity and passion. Maurice DeCastro, the founder of Mindful Presenter Ltd in London, UK reveals the real truth about what it takes to craft and deliver a content rich, compelling presentation. Having spent years in the board room of some of the UK's best loved brand Maurice and the team at mindful presenter are leading the way in helping presenters connect emotionally as well as intellectually. The Mindful Presenter Truths Series is a podcast which is highly rich in content designed to challenge, inspire and empower presenters or aspiring public speakers to lead each time they speak and present.

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