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On this Podcast, I share my thoughts about everyday life including technology, mental health, relationships and more as a striving psychologist. I will have guests from all walks of life. I like to hear the other perspective and that can provide others a listening experience that's informative with no agenda. I promise to be authentic and only speak about what interests me instead of only things that receive clicks. Thanks for stumbling onto this podcast when there are thousands out there. Thanks for giving me a chance in this space, I don't take it for granted.

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    Finding work that you LOVE in today's economy with Elyas Burney! - EP 16


    Hello guys, Glad to have another guest when I went on my latest trip to Toronto. Very very grateful for his time as he is an important figure for the youth across Canada working with IDRF with a few programs such as GET JOB READY (which I was apart of) that teaches you of resources you might've neglected such as Linkedin that can be powerful if used correctly to land a job or open the door to build connections and seed that job one day. I sat down with him to ask him his thoughts on where we are in the world today and what our youth can do to prosper in a time like this and he had GEMS! This is a good one because he knows his stuff through more than a decade of his passion being the youth and building connections with thousands across Canada. Hope you enjoy it!  Follow Elyas on Instagram to interact with him --> Follow me on socials to interact and discuss on what you thought of the episode! Instagram - LinkedIn - Twitter - Subscribe or favorite The MentALIty podcast on your preferred podcast platform (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Google Podcasts, etc) because episodes are getting better and more guests are requesting to come on with their own stories and industries 
  • The MentALIty podcast podcast

    The Reliance of Prescribing Medication + the Power of Visualization - EP 15 (Part 2)


    Welcome back! This as promised is part 2 of the last episode since there was so much content covered. As I get better equipped for these episodes moving forward, I will progressively get better in editing, recording and timing my moments to speak. Overall I like how this episode turned out with Noor, Waheed, and Hussein who at one point or another were vulnerable sharing their opinions on different topics. I hope you like what my friends and I touched on and again, hope there was some sort of value in listening. I learned something new just by being present in the episode.  Follow me on socials to communicate about anything you heard -->  Instagram: @alialione Twitter: @heyaliali
  • The MentALIty podcast podcast

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  • The MentALIty podcast podcast

    Money, Happiness and following your passion! - EP 15 (Part 1)


    This episode is very different in terms of having 3 guests on and we treat it as a chill discussion among friends. We touch on a tremendous amount of topics with value being provided from multiple guests. The guests are Noor Abdul Hussein, Hussein Mahmoud, and Waheed Housany. As always, any opinions on what I did well or need to work on is welcomed. See you next Friday for Part 2 of this episode where we continue our discussion with our 3 guests. You can reach me on socials here on Instagram--> @alialione or on twitter @heyaliali
  • The MentALIty podcast podcast

    This 18 year old has a POWERFUL story! Being Misunderstood + on the verge of taking their life


    Hey Guys, WARNING: There are parts in this episode that may be uncomfortable to hear due to its nature regarding suicide, mental disorders and some supernatural stories.  Now this week's episode is one of the hardest to edit and put up because of the sensitive topics that were discussed. It is powerful and as you listen to it throughout, remember this is a person who just turned 18 years old. From losing her father at an early age to developing some psychological disorders along the way, she is the epitome of the word "Perseverance" and I'm sure you will be thankful and inspired in your own life. This puts the "Mental" in the Mentality podcast. Enjoy and as always, I am open to messages to discuss it if you wish. Connect with me!  Twitter - @heyaliali Instagram - @alialione
  • The MentALIty podcast podcast

    What's Happiness to you? + Living alone at 16 years old.


    Hey Guys, This episode is with Ali Ayyash, who has quite the story from moving with his brother all the way from Kuwait to have a different life. His perspective is unique in that he had more than half his life across the globe and has seen things and met people who are different than us here in the West. Very insightful and anyone can learn a thing or two from our discussion on extreme poverty and how happiness can be found anywhere in anyone. Thank you Ali for coming on. Always open to interact and discuss with anyone. You can reach out to me on Twitter - @heyaliali or Instagram - @alialione Take care and Peace! ✌️
  • The MentALIty podcast podcast

    The reality of the Music industry + Social Media has us more divided than ever


    Hey Guys, sorry for being a day late, believe me, I edited this episode for days because I am a perfectionist in that regard. This episode is with my friend and rap artist Aboubacar, aka King Caexar who's part of the rap group TRAINING SEASON.  He is very knowledgeable about psychology and the music industry as he tries to maneuver through being the best artist he can be. Very very interesting points as he has a lot to say about life! I love his intense unwavering stance on his beliefs. No hesitation. I hope you learn something because I did asking him questions. If you enjoy the episode, you can drop a valuable comment or rating on your platform of choice.  You can reach me on Instagram to talk about the episode - @alialione Twitter - @heyaliali
  • The MentALIty podcast podcast

    What have YOU learned from moving out? + Losing a parent at a young age 😞


    Hello Guys, this episode is definitely top 2 of me along with the episode with my sister. My great friend Hasan joined me to discuss some humorous things like sleeping at my house when we were younger for a week and more serious things like losing his dad at the age of 13. He really doesn't hold anything back and goes into detail so be warned it isn't all smiles. It gets very deep in some parts near the end so enjoy this emotional talk about inspiration, challenges, and moving out after overcoming obstacles in his life. This man is 23 years young and I'm sure one day he will write about these things. Tell me what you think about the episode on Twitter - @heyaliali .  Thank you Hasan for coming on and opening up unfiltered the way you did making yourself vulnerable in some parts.
  • The MentALIty podcast podcast

    Lockdown's Psychological Problems + The Younger Generation's addiction


    Hey, What's up? Today I speak on the side of the lockdown that people aren't really touching on enough and that's the psychological problems that this is causing to people.  How do this 2nd version of the lockdown affect people differently? Also I touch on the younger generation and how they are getting affected by this new lifestyle at home and how that overlaps my generation when we were growing up playing outside for what felt like nonstop. Tell me what you guys think? See you Friday for another episode. This is late because it was supposed to be done on Friday so I will see you then! Much Love and peace. Stay Safe as well.
  • The MentALIty podcast podcast

    Making new friends that challenge you + Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (EP 9)


    This episode I talk about my convocation ceremony and how I had unrealistic expectations for it for several years and during covid, it was really underwhelming. I set the bar too high. Topics touched on involve stepping out of your circle and making new friends that aren't copies of you because you should strive to grow. The Hierarchy of Needs by Psychologist Abraham Maslow and how we strive for different levels of needs, ultimately reaching self-actualization was discussed in depth as well. Overall an episode where I hope you learn something new and I inform you where my headspace is at and my future goals, along with focusing on the right things.  Oh, I also come to a realization mid-episode and delete Instagram!
  • The MentALIty podcast podcast

    Mental Health, traveling, and being the youngest - My Sister (EP 8)


    My first guest on the podcast and it's my sister. She touches on alot of topics including the importance of family and what she dealt with traveling alone as a 20 year old living in Iraq for a year. The experiences, the lifestyle, and advice for individuals finding themselves, this episode has some gems. Stay until the end, that's my favorite part, she drops some KNOWLEDGE.

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