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We interview masters of sustainable development research and business - whether they are a master of sustainability in their line of work or master’s student! A new episode is released every Wednesday! 📬 Email: 📷 Instagram: @the_master_pods 🔗 LinkedIn: The Master Pods

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    Season 2 Wrap-Up: How it went and what's next!


    Join Rachael, Laura and Olivier on the last episode of this season 2. With 30 sustainability professionals who came on the podcast we wanted to share some insights about how it went, a sneak peak into our summer and finally, what comes next! Tune in to listen to this fun, relaxed conversation where we also found who each of us would like to have dinner with! See you next year!
  • The Master Pods podcast

    S02 E30: Children's book co-authors, what's that like? With Eliza Girod & Amelie Hartung


    Dear Podders, This is the last interview in season two and we hope you enjoy it. Laura talked to Ella and Amelie about their children's book on plastic. It is so important to teach the young generation, isn't it? We hope you enjoy it - and hear you next week for our season 2 finale! <3 The Master Pods  
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  • The Master Pods podcast

    S02 E29: Conservation and Wildlife Photographer, what's that like? With Marcus Westberg


    Ever wondered what it's like to be the one documenting what nature looks like and how we humans are changing it? This week we talk with Marcus Westberg, a photographer who has been featured in the New York Times and National Geographic. His latest project has been documenting the forestry industry in Sweden and exposing its darker side. We also talk about sustainability challenges and other aspects of wildlife and conservation photography. Tune in!  Follow Marcus' work on his Instagram @marcuswestbergphotography and on his website at
  • The Master Pods podcast

    S02 E28: POW Ambassador, what's that like? With Greg Hill


    This week’s guest is best known for having skied over 2 million vertical feet in a year (that’s over 600,000 metres)! He’s also an ambassador for Protect Our Winters (POW) Canada, an environmental group composed of enthusiasts and pro athletes, who believe their love of adventure in nature demands they fight to save and protect it. Do you agree with their mission? Tune in now!
  • The Master Pods podcast

    S02 E27: Gender and Mobility Expert, what's that like? With Ines Kawgan-Kagan


    Have you ever thought that mobility might not be gender-neutral? Ines Kawgan-Kagan has and decided to focus on this topic in her PhD. After that, she and Carolin Kruse decided to found the AEM Institute, which focuses on just and accessible mobility. Listen to this week's episode to find out more about this incredibly timely topic.
  • The Master Pods podcast

    S02 E26: Science Illustrator, what's that like? With Marie Warner Preston


    A picture is worth a thousand words - and this week’s guest proudly vouches for that! Marie Warner Preston is an illustrator and graphic designer that bridges the gap between art and science. Tune in to hear about the journey that brought her from the chem lab to her drawing pencils.
  • The Master Pods podcast

    S02 E25: CEO and Urban Ecologist, what's that like? With Josefina Oddsberg Gustafsson


    Howdy Master Podders!  On today's episode we welcome Josefina Oddsberg Gustafsson, CEO of Bee Urban, a company based in Stockholm that specializes in finding ways to create habitats for biodiversity in cities.  Care to guess one of the hardest things that Josefina is fighting for? Getting companies to pay for biodiversity. With a biodiversity crisis looming and many researches having dubbed our time the Sixth Mass Extinction, finding ways to incorporate biodiversity's ecosystem services into cities and businesses may be one of the most important aspects of solving the climate & biodiversity crises. Tune into this conversation with Josefina to find out more about her story and her amazing journey to revolutionize cities! Follow Bee Urban here: and to visit the website! Hope you'll enjoy the episode! Love, Laura, Rachael & Olivier
  • The Master Pods podcast

    S02 E24: Co-founder of the card game company Spielköpfe, what's that like? With Samantha Schwickert


    Do you love playing card games? Ever wondered why there are only white people displayed on the cards? That's at least what Sam did. And that's how Spielköpfe was born - diverse playing cards with images painted by different artists. Find out in this episode which card game Sam likes to play the most and how to become self-employed during college. And if you are in the mood to learn a new game, The Master Pods recommend shithead (also known as vändtia in Swedish). Rachael, Laura & Olivier :)
  • The Master Pods podcast

    S02 E23: Co-founder of a Circular Start-up, what's that like? With Wies van Lieshout


    Did you know that the majority of rainfall in cities is diverted to the sewers? Instead of seeping into the ground to replenish groundwater supplies? This is a big issue, and it is only one of many that this week's guest is tackling with her company, Waterweg. Tune in to hear what Wies van Lieshout has to say about circularity, and how to make waste into a valuable resource! Check it out!
  • The Master Pods podcast

    S02 E22: Sustainable Career & Chemistry Consultant, what's that like? With TJ Preston


    Hello! In this week's episode, we talk with TJ Preston, who after spending years researching battery chemistry decided to also add a very personal element to his list of provided services: career advisory. Finding that the academic path often has a hard time preparing young researchers for making long-term decisions about the possibilities that their careers offer to them, TJ now works with many clients who are interested in incorporating aspects of sustainability into their life and professional paths: long-term thinking and strategy. You can find his work at

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