The Landscapers Podcast podcast

The Landscapers Podcast


Landscapers is a new four part television drama from HBO and Sky that brings the true story of Susan and Christopher Edwards and the murders they were convicted of to the screen.  The details of a “stranger than fiction” true crime story are addictive. The more we hear about a case, the more it captivates us. We become hooked on the story, wanting more specifics to puzzle over, and more insights into the “why” behind a shocking crime. It creates a loop where you are walking down the street, still thinking about what you've heard. You can’t get it out of your head. This five- episode podcast series takes us behind the scenes of Landscapers to explore the real life events that make the show so compelling. It is the story of the people who couldn’t get the tale told in “Landscapers” out of their heads as they share the different aspects that pulled them in. We hear from the creators about the often complex relationship between the ‘real life’ events and the story that emerges on-screen and revisit the real life events through some of the key people involved in the case. The Landscapers Podcast is produced by HBO and Sky, in conjunction with Campside Media.

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