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A Conversation with Guy Blakeslee, Musician & Sound Healer of Third Eye Memories

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Tune in as we sit in conversation with Guy Blakeslee, Musician & Sound Healer of Third Eye Memories.

Guy shares his profound shift in 2020 as a result of an expected car accident, and waking up in a hospital as the world was entering a global pandemic! That moment would forever change his trajectory as a musician and send him along the path of solitude, introspection, and into the world of sound healing.

He shares his in depth knowledge of sound, frequency, and working with energy to create Sonic Talismans and Electric Sound Baths. He recently hosted an Electric Sound Bath at the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles and dives into what this entails. He shares his passion for materializing sound into cassette tapes and how this is such a beautiful way to bring spirit into matter.

Guy breaks down binaural beats and how they work, the Pendulum effect, and his newly found love of coherent structured water! We discuss the use of psychedelic allies to support energetic shifts, why we no longer partake in substances, and how being calm and centered is the best way to help the collective.

Listen in....Turn Inward.



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