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A weekly show from Food52's new podcast network, featuring all the uncut gems from the weekly "Genius Recipes" column and video series. Host Kristen Miglore speaks to the geniuses behind iconic recipes, and uncovers the recipes that changed the way we cook.

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    Referenced in this episode:Zoe's Ghana Kitchen - An Introduction to New African Cuisine – From Ghana With Love (available now)Nkrakra (Light Soup with Chicken) from Zoe Adjonyoh (recipe)Genius-Hunter Extra Credit: Follow Zoe and check out her always fun, InstagramGrab all the spices you need -- right from her online shop, Zoe's Ghana Kitchen +  Sustainable Red Palm OilZoe Adjonyoh's Ghanian Dinner Party Is All About the Music & Jollof Fried Chicken (Food52)Donate to a crowd-funder campaign for a forthcoming book by Zoe - Serving Up: Essays on food, identity and culture: A new and vital food-inspired anthology examining the politics behind what we eatZoe's picks for West African, black women owned businesses to shop: Mesian Spices (Liberia), Pok Spices (Nigeria) , Gloria's Shito (Ghana), Adda Bloom (Canada), Essie Spice (Ghana), Yolele (Pierre Thiam)Have a genius recipe you'd like to share? Tell me all about it at [email protected]
  • The Genius Recipe Tapes podcast

    Fried Egg Salad to Convert the Haters | Alex Talbot and Aki Kamozowa


    Referenced in this episode:My New Favorite Eggs—in 5 Minutes Flat (Food52)Fried Egg Salad From Ideas in Food recipeGenius-Hunter Extra-Credit:Tejal Rao's writeup of Curiosity Doughnuts (Bloomberg)More Ideas in Food goodnessWatch this interview on YouTube—and like and subscribe!A very special thanks to listeners Alyson (@dinnerswithinreason), Alex (@alexandraholbrook), and Pamm (@clancy.7) for your stories this week.What are the recipes you repeat again and again? Brag about them at [email protected]
  • The Genius Recipe Tapes podcast

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  • The Genius Recipe Tapes podcast

    Level Up Your Pancakes This Year | Josey Baker


    SF's The Mill owner and author Josey Baker joins Kristen to talk about baking with whole grains (it's not as simple as swapping 1:1 with white flour!), combating picky eating in kids (it's a process), and why whole-wheat and -grain baked goods have gotten such a bad rap.Referenced in this episode:The Simple Secret to Much, Much Better Whole-Grain PancakesJosey Baker's Whole Grain Pancakes recipeGenius-Hunter Extra Credit: 31 Healthful Breakfast Recipes for an Early Morning Boost (Food52)Check out Josey's how-to-sourdough-at-home guideOr, better yet: take a class with Josey himselfSpecial thanks to listeners Caroline, Sana, and Kaleigh for your sharing your sneaky swaps!Have a genius recipe you'd like to share? Tell me all about it at [email protected]
  • The Genius Recipe Tapes podcast

    The Recipe Alice Waters Can't Live Without | Niloufer Ichaporia King


    Referenced in this episode:The One Recipe Alice Waters Can't Live WithoutCardamom Cake from Niloufer Ichaporia KingGenius-Hunter Extra Credit:Alice Waters names Niloufer's cake the one recipe she can't live without (The Guardian)Check out those not-dry turkey burgersSpecial thanks to listeners Numra (@empressmarket), Vlada (@mat.vlada), and Nilufar (@kayhanikitchen) for sharing your favorite cardamom-centric recipes!Is there a recipe that's stayed with you throughout your life? Tell me all about it at [email protected]
  • The Genius Recipe Tapes podcast

    One-Ingredient Magic Salmon | Marc Matsumoto


    Referenced in this episode:Why Marc Matsumoto's Shiitake Salmon Is GeniusShiitake Salmon from Marc MatsumotoGenius-Hunter Extra-Credit:Check out the No Recipes YouTube channelSo much lunch inspo to be found in Marc's book Ultimate BentoSpecial thanks to listeners Adiba (@thespiceodyssey) and Riha (@saltyshortbread) for your salmon ideas.Got a lead on something genius? I'd love to hear about it—email me at [email protected]
  • The Genius Recipe Tapes podcast

    The Best Cookbooks This Year | Brian Hogan Stewart


    Referenced in this episode:Salt + Spine Podcast (listen to the show)Nik Sharma’s Spicy Chocolate Chip–Hazelnut Cookies (recipe)Genius-Hunter Extra Credit: Read our very best, Best of List Food52 Cookbooks of 2021Hear Kristen's interview on Salt + Spine Building a Genius Dessert Cookbook with Food52's Pastry-toting Kristen MigloreBrian's favorite cake to have on his birthday! Maialino's Olive Oil Cake -- Lemon Version (recipe)Bonus! Even more stocking stuffer ideas:  Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks and Kitchen Art's and Letters for great vintage and hard to find cookbooksHave a genius recipe you'd like to share? Tell me all about it at [email protected]
  • The Genius Recipe Tapes podcast

    The Lemoniest Crinkle Cookies | Jesse Szewczyk


    Referenced in this episode:Cookies: The New Classics  (available now)Preserved Lemon Crinkle Cookies From Jesse Szewczyk (recipe)Genius-Hunter Extra Credit: "Preserved Lemons Belong in Dessert (Yes, Dessert!)—Here's Why" by Rebecca Firkser (Food52)Follow Jesse's cookie filled drool-worthy InstagramHave a genius recipe you'd like to share? Tell me all about it at [email protected]
  • The Genius Recipe Tapes podcast

    What Do Clementines Have to Do With Dodgeballs? | Brette Warshaw


    Referenced in this episode:What's the Difference?: Recreational Culinary Reference for the Curious and ConfusedGenius-Hunter Extra Credit:Sign up to receive Brette's newsletter each weekRead more by Brette on Food52Shout out Erin McDowell - Food52's Resident Baking BFF!Have a genius recipe you'd like to share? Tell me all about it at [email protected]
  • The Genius Recipe Tapes podcast

    Elle Simone Scott's Genius Box Cake Hack [BONUS]


    For the past 10 years, the Food52 Editors have been answering the community's questions on the Food52 Hotline. We've debated the very best way to cut an onion, whether garlic pressing is sacrilegious, and compared notes on how to get the crispiest chicken skin. And now, we're taking those questions to the airwaves! Hosted by chef and restaurateur Esther Choi, Hotline Offline will leave you with a better understanding of how and why recipes and chefs say what they do (and empower you to abandon those rules completely!). On this episode: ATK's Elle Simone Scott joins Esther to tackle your questions all about holiday baking. Got a question? Call ‪(518) 291-9877‬ and leave us a message on the hotline, and be sure to follow Hotline Offline so no question goes unanswered and no answer unheard.
  • The Genius Recipe Tapes podcast

    Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Reimagined


    Referenced in this episode:Whip it up! Hana Asbrink’s Residentsgiving Hanetsuki Gyoza With Thanksgiving Leftovers (Food52)Drink it up! John deBary’s Residentsgiving Sesame Boulevardier + What to Drink Every Hour of Thanksgiving Playbook (Food52)Dress it up! We Can't Stop Staring at Nicole Crowder's Thanksgiving Table  (Food52)Eat it up! Kristen Miglore's Bert Greene's Potato Scallion Cakes (Fritterra)  (Food52)Genius-Hunter Extra Credit:Make these stunning trash terracotta vases from Nicole Crowder's favorite DIYer Genevieve VanderzeilNeed more last-minute Turkey Day recipes? Check out the full Residentsgiving Menu—aka the Thanksgiving menu of our wildest dreams—created by Food52's resident experts-slash-superheroes.Bonus! Check out  Proteau, John deBary’s non-alcoholic line of drinks available on Food52!Have a lead on something genius? Tell me all about it at [email protected]    

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