Truth of The Quran, Earning Halal Money, & A Perfect Marriage Partner

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In this episode I am joined by Shabbir Hassan, Imam and entrepreneur! Join me and Shabbir to discuss everything from the truth of the Quran, scientific facts of Islam, earning halal money, marriage in Islam and so much more! I hope you all enjoy this episode with Shabbir and if you do, make sure you subscribe! PURCHASE YOUR SUNNAMUSK TODAY! Follow CEOCAST On All Platforms Here! Instagram: Youtube: Spotify: Apple Podcast: Follow Shabbir Here! Find Raheem Here: Listen to the audio version whilst on the go on Apple Podcasts and Spotify! "THE CEO CAST" CEOCAST is a podcast platform showcasing businesses, leading industries and successful entrepreneurs and individuals. If you'd like to be on the next episode of ceocast be sure to message us on Instagram or email us at: [email protected]

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