Aimee Smale On Starting Business At 21 Years Old, Earning $100,000 In 3 Months & More

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Aimee Smale is a young business owner who started her business 'Odd Muse' at 21 years old. Coming from working in ASOS, she gathered her experience and passion in fashion and decided to create a brand of her own. Within the first 3 months of launch, she turned over a huge amount of $100,000 and proved to be a huge success. The only thing was.. Aimee didn't expect it to be like this! Stay tuned throughout the whole episode to hear the full story! Special thanks to our sponsors! USE CODE 'CEOCAST' AT FIREAWAY PIZZA AND GET YOUR PIZZA TODAY! PURCHASE YOUR SUNNAMUSK TODAY! BATTLE THE ENERGY PRICES AND SEE WHAT ENERGY GEEKS CAN DO FOR YOU! Follow CEOCAST On All Platforms Here! Instagram: Youtube: Spotify: Apple Podcast: Follow Aimee Here: Check out Odd Muse Here: Find Raheem Here: Listen to the audio version whilst on the go on Apple Podcasts and Spotify! "THE CEOCAST" CEOCAST is a podcast platform showcasing businesses, leading industries and successful entrepreneurs and individuals. If you'd like to be on the next episode of ceocast be sure to message us on Instagram or email us at: [email protected]

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