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Ep 162 - TFW No Supply Chain w/ Paul Channelstrip

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Jamie and Sean are joined by superproducer Paul Channelstrip (@aufhebenkultur) (Antifada twitch channel, Everybody Loves Communism, many more) for a laid back episode about the zoo, a high profile bird murder, and the tendency of the rate of treats to fall over time. Why is the supply chain having a normal one and what does it mean for the current phase of capitalism?

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Mortal Science

Varn Vlog

Reel Abstractions

closing song: Berner - Status

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    UNLOCKED: Proletkult 10 - Memes Without End w/ Meg Williams


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    PREVIEW History is a Weapon 12: Something's Gotta Give w/ Matt Christman


    Notes from the great impasse.... the boys are back to take you for a wild ride from supply chains, to the Great Resignation, to culture wars, to cryptocurrency, to NFTs to terminal crisis. Why is nothing working and why does everything feel bad? It's the decadence of capitalism as a functioning social system and Sean and Matt explain why. Be sure to listen to the end as Matt, like a similarly bearded guy before him, reaches into the misty depths of theology to try to analogize the impersonal domination of the value form. Ask yourself: is capital in fact the DEVIL? The answer might surprise you. For access to this episode and a ton more bonus content become a patron today at Intro: The Doors 'Light my fire' (Vaporwave)
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    Ep 165 - Born In Flames w/ Aaron Thorpe


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    Everybody Loves Communism: The Paris Commune (pt. 1)


    Greetings, Antifada super soldiers! This week, we're cross-posting an episode of Jamie's new show Everybody Loves Communism, wherein she and co-host Jorge do the reading so you don't have to. In this edition, Jamie and Jorge begin their mini-series on the Paris Commune as a prelude to chapter 3 of Lenin's "State and Revolution," because you need to know about it to understand that chapter. It's also just an important event in the history of class struggle; Marx called it "the dawn of the great social revolution which will liberate mankind from the regime of classes forever"(!) The content of the episode draws from Massacre: The Life and Death of the Paris Commune by John Merriman. New Yorker Review of the book: Produced and Edited by Paul (@aufhebenkultur) Intro: Everybody Hates Chris theme song. Image: The Boulevard Montmartre on a Winter Morning by Camille Pissarro Be sure to subscribe at if you want to hear more, and sign up as a supporter if you're feeling generous. Patrons will be rewarded with a fun ep on "Succession" due out next week!
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    Ep 164 - The Great Strike Wave Of 2021


    As "Striketober" becomes "Strikevember," Sean and Jamie discuss the ongoing wave of strikes and labor actions, and what they might mean for class struggle in the US. Outro song: Strike Anywhere - You're Fired
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    Vampire Castle: Bram Stoker's Dracula & Nosferatu (PREVIEW)


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    Ep 163 - Tales from the Palmer Hotel w/ Rick Paulas, Jake Flores


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    Zen and the Art of Decolonization w/ Peter Coyote (Part 2)


    In the second part of our first episode of Armed Love, Peter Coyote discusses his interest in Zen, how it came to be so influential to the beatniks and hippies, and his background with indigenous solidarity, particularly the campaign to free Leonard Peltier. Coyote recommends Peter Matthiessen's In the Spirit of Crazy Horse regarding Peltier, and The New Buddhism by David Brazier and How the Swans came to the Lake by Rick Fields about Zen Buddhism. The full episode is available free at If you like what we do, please support the show by becoming a patron and we'll send you a union-made letterpress postcard! Opening song: Pink Fairies - Do it Closing song - John Trudell - Look at Us / Peltier / Aim Song
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    Armed Love - The Diggers w/ Peter Coyote (Part 1)


    We begin our new series on the revolutionary counterculture of the sixties by interviewing Peter Coyote, founding member of the Diggers -- an anarchist group from San Francisco whose free stores, tie-died shirts, free concerts, and activist street theater opened the gates of the Haight to tens of thousands of dropouts and helped define the sixties aesthetic. But by '67, the Diggers were already trying to escape the hippie movement by forming a network of revolutionary communes. Joining Andy for the interview is Sean Lovitt, researcher sixties revolutionary groups and author of Mimeo Insurrection: The Sixties Underground Press and Long Hot Summer of Riots Topics discussed include: The SF Mime Troop and their controversial minstrel show, the formation of the Diggers, the alleged insurrectionary activities, the Hells Angels, psychedelic drug culture and conspiracies, and the movements against war and for racial justice then and now. For Part 2 of the series visit Check out Peter Coyote's books Sleeping Where I fall and Rainman’s Third Cure And Diane di Prima's Revolutionary Letters Intro song: Patti Smith - Citizen Ship Outro Song - My Chemical Romance - Desolation Row

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