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Swine Trends by APC


Do you want to be the first one to know all about the global pork market? On Swine Trends by APC, the latest updates are easily shared with you.

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  • Swine Trends by APC podcast

    #03 - Strategies to manage re-emerging post-weaning E. coli challenge - Dr. Elise Toohill


    Dr. Elise Toohill is a veterinarian since 2018 with Carthage Veterinary Service, located in Illinois. Dr. Toohill completed her bachelor’s degree in animal sciences with a pre-veterinary medicine emphasis from the University of Minnesota and D.V.M. from the University Of Minnesota College Of Veterinary Medicine. Prior to working at Carthage Veterinary Service, Dr. Toohill served as the Associate Director of Health and oversaw the health services program of one region of 55,000 sows farrow to finish. Dr. Toohill is based in Lancaster, MO providing service to producers in Missouri, Iowa and Illinois.Dr. Toohill is certified through the National Pork Board’s Pork Quality Assurance Plus and Transport Quality Assurance Programs. She is a member of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians and Operation Main Street Speaker. *This podcast is operated by Swine Impact, a Swine it Company.
  • Swine Trends by APC podcast

    #02 - Cool strategies for sweltering sows - Dr. Jeff Knott


    Dr. Knott has over 15 years industry experience and is a specialist in providing technical nutritional support to swine producers around the world. Jeff has a B.S. in Animal Science from North Dakota State University, M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in Animal Science (Swine Nutrition). He has vast domestic and international swine nutrition and business experience. Jeff spent 10 years with a national nutrition company before founding IDEAL Animal Nutrition. He is a solution based, big picture thinker that can communicate the details. Jeff is very good at implementing technical nutrition and technologies into practical field application. *This podcast is operated by Swine Impact, a Swine it Company.
  • Swine Trends by APC podcast

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  • Swine Trends by APC podcast

    #01 - Hog Market Trends, Feeding Costs Updates, and Covid-19 Challenges - Joseph Kerns


    Joseph Kerns has 25 years of experience working with producers, suppliers, and mills to support agricultural operations. He and his team assist clients with procurement and risk management activities related to hedging, ingredient purchase, optimizing relationships with mills, developing programs to assist in feed quality control, cost-effective diet formulation, operational benchmarking, livestock marketing, generational transition, and business development. Prior to this consulting venture, he directed risk management activities for industry leaders such as ADM, Premium Standard Farms, Continental Grain, and Iowa Select Farms. In his current enterprise as a risk management consultant, he and his team work with livestock producers and suppliers in 13 states. Clients include packers, producers, veterinarians, researchers, mill operators, and feed ingredient suppliers. Team members have also served as keynote speakers for international agricultural agencies and suppliers, providing context about commodity markets, nutritional factors impacting production, operational sustainability, leadership, and ownership. *This podcast is operated by Swine Impact, a Swine it Company.

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