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98: Tip Culture & Guilt Tipping

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Has tipping culture gotten out of control? The typical American spends about $700 a year tipping in restaurants. And that’s just at restaurants. Tipping is often expected in hair salons and spas and for hotel housekeeping and valet service. But the rise of mobile payment technology and fast-casual restaurants have changed who we tip and how much. And there has been a push to move away from tipping altogether.

This week, Kiersten and Julien dive into the messy conversation of tip culture. They outline AARP suggestions on what to tip for everything from buffet restaurants to electricians and plumbers. As well as how tipping has become gamified with some restaurants and delivery services requesting gratuities up front. They discuss questions like do you tip on the pre-tax amount or the total bill? And is a gift for a teacher a tip? 



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