Radio Creme - DJ mixes by Ladycreme podcast

Radio Creme - DJ mixes by Ladycreme


Music from Brooklyn-based DJ duo Ladycréme - house, disco, techno, electro, classics. New mix at least every other Friday.

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  • Radio Creme - DJ mixes by Ladycreme podcast

    November 2021 DJ Mix: funky and soulful house


    adelphi music factory – believe in you (extended mix), ridney, laura vane, & jayefel – all your love (mattei & omich remix), ango tamarin – freaks pon di floor (extended mix), floorplan – get my mansion ready (extended mix), k69 – don’t you know, mateo & matos – release the rhythm (kevin mckay extended remix), baltra – i want you (i need you)(extended mix), byron stingily – get up (everybody)(darius syrossian remix), kark knight & darius syrossian ft. prospect park – get this feeling (extended mix), elton john & dua lipa – cold heart (claptone extended mix), brokenears – don’t worry, kyle walker – my mind (extended mix), bruno furlan – i can go, todd terry – project exxx (extended mix), maya jane coles – survival mode, 9th house – xarraca, golden kong – ecsed, obskür – possessions, swoose – bloom, dale howard – pumpon, earth n days – what you feel junior sanchez ft. dajae – be with u 2.0 (extended mix), superlover – to the beat IG: ladycremedj Soundcloud:
  • Radio Creme - DJ mixes by Ladycreme podcast

    November 2021 DJ Mix: electro


    random alias – automat, phelan kane – monotonicity, ryndin – lfcshd, dj.wav – linearity, christian smith – atmosphere (electro mix), ernhalder – chip stress 05, ray kandinski – the mack, tvu & distape – acid mango, tred – to night (jensen interceptor remix), maelstrom – 16t50, flug – broken lips, armec – caged, d.vices – vibrations (pablo splice date nite makeover), dany rodriguez & oliver way – second act, sav-e – the call, culture trax – steps, obsidian wave – obsession, henge – exo (808 state remix), creasol – kratzschutz, overmono – bby, gary holldman – keys, vince watson – first wave (808 mix), fasme – ici, defset – honeyswede IG: ladycremedj Soundcloud:
  • Radio Creme - DJ mixes by Ladycreme podcast

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  • Radio Creme - DJ mixes by Ladycreme podcast

    November 2021 DJ mix: breakbeat & ravey tracks


    dusky – eros (extended mix), obsidian wave – burn down stages, jds – nine ways (shadow child bak 2 skool extended remix), future flex – euphoria, andronicus – make you whole (dusky remix), diplomat – check it, paul & shark – t-800 type beat, fundamental knowledge – 1994-20 (sarah farina remix), case 82 – control, fx909 – retro 2 (nu skool breakbeat mix), bowser & fm-3 – watermelon, baymont boss – funky beats (mutantbreakz & dj bross remix), secret chadow – inexplikable, lay-far – my heart says, moktar – lemon, doctor jeep – necka pill, mani festo – higher, greenflamez – flow, khoiser – set me free (srs edition), brothers of funk & analog hustlers – keep on pumpin it up, alien rave – love, overmono – so u know, alien rave – good, jasper tygner – me! IG: ladycremedj Soundcloud:
  • Radio Creme - DJ mixes by Ladycreme podcast

    November 2021 DJ mix: disco, edits, & nu disco


    anane – tell me that i’m dreaming (dave lee disco not disco club mix), ralph rose – is that good enough, block & crown and martina budde – tryin to forget you (nudisco mix), block & crown and marc rousso – straight up, block & crown and lissat – can’t get enough, block & crown – disco electronica, c. da afro – hustle, disco sparks – watcha gonna (extended mix), saison – got me hot, huggy – roots, disco incorporated – miss you (nu disco mix), hp vince – a little love, roisin murphy – narcissus (the reflex revision), the dukes & birdee – the stars are out tonight, birdee – feel it, boys noize ft. jake shears – all i want (purple disco machine extended remix), daddato – feeling right, block & crown and paul parsons – on the floor, mark funk – wanting you, block & crown ft. culum frea – another sad love song, softmal & nytron – all night long (2k21 mix), block & crown and lissat – how long, hp vince – the jackin house, hotswing – like a melody, c. da afro – disco fever, alex m – come on baby IG: ladycremedj Soundcloud:
  • Radio Creme - DJ mixes by Ladycreme podcast

    October 2021 DJ Mix: deep house, acid, and tech house


    interstate – second mass, dj psychiatre – never complain, tom vernon – this moment (i feel), dmx krew – acid arthur, felipe gordon – analog only, jaymie silk – illegal love, dj seinfeld – tell me one more time, deep creed – the anthem (armand van helden original mix), ryussi – means of change, malfie – don’t hesitate, crate classics & eliza legzdina – rose tinted (dj haus remix), kata – going deeper (qubiko extended remix), paul parsons & bronx cheer – whatever mate, jesusdapnk – all the time, kas:st – never looks away (radio slave remix), sailor & i – thinking about you (radio slave ft. thomas gandey remix), alan dixon – do you?, pax – cosmic kiss (gorgon city remix), kassian – breathe, 9th house – phoenica (loods remix), marina trench – free mind (cinthie remix), adryiano – non___stop, adryiano – h a r d l i n e d u b, ian pooley – basic juno, russell ft. masot – dia libre IG: ladycremedj Soundcloud:
  • Radio Creme - DJ mixes by Ladycreme podcast

    October 2021 DJ Mix: chill vibes


    noden – the approach, art of tones – unstopped (the revenge remix), temple – love machine, peggy gou – i go, frank virgilio – 1 dime of soul, [email protected] & cjs connection – i.o.u. (nu disco mix), sound support – arigator, darren emerson, the white lamp, & pete josef – harmony (ron basejam dub), alan dixon – machina jam, sound support – brownsfield, affani – your gal, soul clap – enough is enough, sobek – anthem of a man, marlon george - & the tears, simon hinter – wanna make love, brooklyn baby – for your eyes only, jerk boy ft. mike dunn – keep it on, dj romain – brooklyn don’t stop (risk assessment edit), ministry of funk – funk operator (deep mix), justin faust – famous, jeff dougler & balu – coming down (jason hodges redux), telepopmusik – breathe (krystal klear remix), kosmo kint & fényan – break your rules IG: ladycremedj Soundcloud:
  • Radio Creme - DJ mixes by Ladycreme podcast

    Special Disco Edition 2021


    nighthawk – eye of the tiger, patti labelle – music is my way of life (joey negro funk in the music mix), tim zawada – do me like, patrice rushen – forget me nots (dr. packer edit), evelyn champagne king – love come down (dr. packer rework), stevie wonder – as (lego edit dub), donald byrd – love has come around (dr. packer remix), cheryl lynn – got to be real (dj ‘s’ bootleg extended dance remix), shalamar – make that move (b-team edit), teena marie – i need your lovin (dr. packer rework), luther vandross – never too much (dj ‘s’ bootleg bonus neat extended remix), al hudson & one way – music (the revenge edit), starpoint – wanting you (romeo erotic remix), manu dibango – soul makossa (digital visions re-edit), alien disco sugar – first affair, unlimited touch – i hear music in the streets (mikeandteess edit 4 mix), vicky d – this beat is mine (michael gray remix), jack le funk – as the days go by, softmal & nytron – para papapapapa, the cool notes – i wanna dance (boy norty edit), vaudafunk – running in philly, aretha franklin – get it right (total m edit), instant funk – i got my mind made up (the reflex revision), jv – edit channel xxx, candi staton – young hearts (pied piper & john morales mix), homework – hudson square, disco incorporated – black soul (nu disco mix), anita ward – ring my bell (alien disco sugar’s late night bell edit), class action – weekend (young edits party time mix), how & why – cruising (stranger & captain delicious remix), judge funk – deal with this, teddy pendergrass – the more i get, the more i want (dj pierre’s music box remix), dr. packer – xpand your mind, gay marvine – welcome world, luxury – anarchy in the disco, don ray – standing in the rain (falcon punch edit) IG: ladycremedj Soundcloud:
  • Radio Creme - DJ mixes by Ladycreme podcast

    September 2021 DJ Mix: electro & acid breakbeat


    cignol – 51d, lewy – space jam, flight facilities – the ghost (absolute. remix), ernhalder – chip stress 04 a, elo – jax, ole mic odd – waka jawaka, ytp – h4rd3r, midi kidz – tv 1-9, tobi neumann & fjaak – f-zero, l-pad – retrained in cyberdelics, koschenill & yokote – kabuki, corbi – fairy godmother, kill ref – adeguamento, nat type – 16, john selway – interstellar express, carlton doom – binmen of the apocalypse, lone – mouth of god, posthuman – terror police, örak – 1995, unklevon – sharping shadow, local group – rhythmic trip, stones taro – again, joshua james – amber rush, sav-e – gums, love letters - vazeline IG: ladycremedj Soundcloud:
  • Radio Creme - DJ mixes by Ladycreme podcast

    September 2021 DJ Mix: funky & soulful house, breaks, & acid


    stellar mind – something about your love (extended mix), duvall ft. bshp – every song (cinthie extended remix), alfred diaz – low stab, stuuks – about energy, lady gaga – free woman (honey dijon realness remix), eli brown & love generator – we can come together, toni varga – that’s right, shiba san – all the people, caldera (uk) – let the groove, dusky – e-dawn, dagga – x’mon with the real, dawl – brutal science, lsdxoxo – mutant exotic, fx909 – retro 1 (nu skool breakbeat mix), fff – one tribe, klic – disco music (tuff city kids acid mix), doorly, firouzeh, & bez (uk) – flying bus (dub mix), mf productions – fascinated groove, block & crown & maickel telussa – moef gaga, block & crown & marc rousso – just got, chambray – i want (extended mix), betty wright, kevin mckay, & flows – open the door to your heart (extended mix), gettoblaster – keep the fire burnin, adelphi music factory – rise IG: ladycremedj Soundcloud:
  • Radio Creme - DJ mixes by Ladycreme podcast

    September 2021 DJ Mix: techno


    lxury – pad ma, bart skils – dub killer, tobias schmid – acid 672 (tensnake quarantine remix), s-file – sea salt, risc – emerald city, hertz collision – rescue me, fjaak – candide, mark broom – let’s roll, kai van dongen – mod wave, hertz collision – jvlia (truncate remix), marco faraone – frog face (gene richards jr jackin’ cut), avision – trammel, boys noise – xpress yourself, roman poncet – victum, ben sterling – dimensions, yan cook – roller, twr72 – assemble, david carretta – never control (s-file remix), deadwalkman – searching, george cross – subtle change, risc – transition, fjaak – blitz, his majesty andre – resistance, benjamin fröhlich – repeat after me, hiroko yamamura & justin cudmore – midwest panic, justin cudmore – acid truth, gerd – planet juno IG: ladycremedj Soundcloud:

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