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PHEC 220: Creative Public Health Career Resources, With Zoila Reyna

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Zoila Reyna had an unusual introduction to public health. Her first job out of college, which she found on Craigslist, involved recruiting youth to be undercover tobacco purchasers for the Federal Drug Administration. This position opened her eyes to the wide ranging impacts of public health on communities, and she was hooked. Zoila’s passion for serving others, and her hard working nature, have taken her from nonprofits, to government organizations, to corporates, and most recently, to the world of entrepreneurship.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoila founded Public Health Hired, a company which aims to demystify the public health hiring process and provide support to public health professionals.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear about the path that led Zoila to where she is today, including the rough patches, and the practical ways in which she is now helping other public health professionals reach their full potential.

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  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

    PHEC 231: Public Health And Healthcare Thought Leadership, With Dr. Errol Pierre


    Our childhood experiences shape how we see the world and our areas of interest. Today's guest’s journey is no different. Dr. Errol Pierre was first exposed to the issues in the world of healthcare and insurance when, as a kid, he had to pause a routine dental procedure due to health insurance caps. He has come a long way since then and is now a healthcare thought leader, business executive, leadership coach, public speaker, professor, writer, and healthcare strategist. He talks to us today about how he got into the field of public health, why it's so crucial to treat every interaction as an opportunity to network, and why he feels an understanding of epidemiology is key to identifying the issues affecting communities in need. Dr. Pierre explains why he has focused on the communities he has and gives some great advice to anyone in the world of public health. Press "Play" now to hear this uplifting and inspiring episode! Visit the PHEC Podcast Show Notes: Grab Your FREE 10-Page PHEC Podcast eBook: Public Health Consulting & Entrepreneurship EXPO:
  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

    PHEC 230: Public Health Research And Practice, With Nakeitra Burse, DrPH


    Welcome back to another episode of Public Health and Epidemiology Careers. In conversation with us today is Dr. Nakeitra Burse, CEO of the public health research development and practice company, Six Dimensions. You’ll hear all about her heart to serve people in public health, and how she became involved in it, with a focus on maternal health. Dr. Burse tells us all about the documentary she has produced to address Black maternal health, and how her understanding of public health has helped her to better serve her community. She talks about her background as a personal trainer, and how the ecological environment people find themselves in impacts their decision making. She also shares why it is so important to evolve, seek opportunities, learn, and develop your skills on an ongoing basis. Tune in to hear more today! Visit the PHEC Podcast Show Notes: Public Health Consulting & Entrepreneurship EXPO:  
  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

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  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

    PHEC 229: Public Health Consulting And Entrepreneurship EXPO, 2022


    One of the most exciting things about 2022 is the upcoming Public Health Consulting and Entrepreneurship EXPO! During this episode, you’ll get insight into the history of the expo, how it came to be, and what it looks like today. We touch on what the EXPO aims to do and how much it has changed since the first edition. Find out about the real-time webinars happening live this January that will cover all the information you need on the EXPO. We hope you join us to hear more!   Visit the PHEC Podcast Show Notes: Public Health Consulting & Entrepreneurship EXPO:
  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

    PHEC 228: A Grassroots Approach To Public Health In Native Communities, With Dr. Julianna Reece, MD, MBA, MPH


    This week’s guest is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation and a Board-Certified Family Medicine physician with more than 20 years’ experience in direct primary care, with the majority of her time focused on underserved populations and Native American healthcare. Her name is Dr. Julianna Reece and she first fell in love with public health when she completed an MPH before even going to medical school!   Dr. Reece is the Director of the Healthy Tribes Program with the CDC National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion in the Division of Population Health. Her recent roles include serving as the Chief Medical Officer for the Albuquerque Area Indian Health Service (IHS), as well as the Vice Chair of the Heroin, Opioids, and Pain Efforts (HOPE) Committee, a national initiative through the IHS.   In this episode of the Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast, Dr. Reece shares some insight into Tribal Epidemiology Centers (TECs) and Tribal Epidemiology Centers Public Health Infrastructure (TECPHI), the importance of tribal sovereignty, and the key role that infrastructure plays in implementing effective solutions, as well as how culture equates with wellness, plus so much more!   Visit the PHEC Podcast Show Notes: Grab Your FREE 10-Page PHEC Podcast eBook:  ____  Public Health Consulting & Entrepreneurship EXPO:
  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

    PHEC 227: Wrapping Up 2021, Resting, Preparing For 2022


    It's been a long exhausting year! This episode is about taking time to rest and relax, before preparing for 2022. Dr. Huntley shares her experience of a trip away to a small isolated island and explains why she recommends taking a break, unplugging from social media, and getting a change of environment at this time of year. She also encourages us to acknowledge our accomplishments no matter how big or small they may be, before starting to prepare for the year ahead. You’ll also find out a bit more about The Public Health Consulting & Entrepreneurship EXPO coming in 2022 and how Dr. Huntley is spreading her wings and leveling up at the intersection of public health and entrepreneurship. For all this and more, tune in today!   Visit the PHEC Podcast Show Notes: Grab Your FREE 10-Page PHEC Podcast eBook: Public Health Consulting & Entrepreneurship EXPO:  
  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

    PHEC 226: Fan Favorites, “Own Your Journey”


    This episode is devoted to you, the fans and regular listeners of this podcast. Today we decided to do things differently and create a fan-favorite episode. We start with a voice note from a loyal listener, Andrea Levy, who describes her favorite episode with Aila Hoss and why it inspired her so much. Then, Dr. Huntley talks about the opportunity she had to speak to a group of health science graduates, how her friends and family responded to her speech, and why she regards this as the highest honor. She explains the context of the speech, how starting a health career during a pandemic adds an extra layer of challenges, and how she factored this into the content of her speech. She then shares the speech and its three main takeaways with us. To discover the importance of following your curiosity, being teachable, and remembering the team, in order to fully own your journey, tune in today! Visit the PHEC Podcast Show Notes:  Grab Your FREE 10-Page PHEC Podcast eBook: Connect with DrCHHuntley
  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

    PHEC 225: Supporting Public Health Professionals, Next Steps


    Today's show focuses on the most pressing issues public health professionals are facing right now, how to resolve them, and how our host is stepping up to this task. Beginning with her assessment of the public health community, Dr. Huntley comments on how professionals are burned out, afraid to put their skills to use in creative ways, siloed from one another, and more.  Our host moves on to describe the need to create safe spaces where public health workers feel comfortable to think out of the box. She also speaks to the importance of advocating for a wider conception of public health that includes more industries under its umbrella and seeks to connect the dots between them.  In the last segment, Dr. Huntley talks about how she is working toward these very goals in her podcast and also mentions the wide array of coaching and consulting work she does to this end. For a comprehensive assessment of the public health sphere and the solutions at our disposal, be sure to tune in to the full episode! Visit the PHEC Podcast Show Notes: Grab Your FREE 10-Page PHEC Podcast eBook: Health Industry Leaders – Explore Public Health & Epidemiology Strategic Consulting: Work With Dr. Huntley As Your Coach – Public Health Entrepreneurs:  
  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

    PHEC 224: Decolonizing Data With Dr. Rosalina James, Urban Indian Health Institute


    Public health spans all communities and cultures. However, smaller populations are being overlooked due to historical discrimination. Today we talk to Dr. Rosalina James, Director of Research and Evaluation at Urban Indian Health Institute (UIHI), about her interests in decolonizing data and the importance of getting people of American Indian and Native Alaska descent a seat at the table. We hear the challenges Dr. James faced as a woman of color in academia, and her advice on facing these issues. Find out how Dr. James moved into public health from lab work, why workforce development is so important to her, and why she feels epidemiologists are uniquely equipped to make overlooked cultures visible. Tune in to hear what the UIHI has been working on throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and how you can get involved as an intern. We look forward to having you join us! Visit the PHEC Podcast Show Notes:  Grab Your FREE 10-Page PHEC Podcast eBook: Work With Me - Business Coaching:  
  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

    PHEC 223: Public Health Consulting, Communication, and TEDx, with Vinu Ilakkuvan, PhD


    Becoming an entrepreneur in the public health industry is a daunting prospect. Join us today as we hear why Dr. Vinu Ilakkuvan chose to found her public health consulting firm, and how she landed on this path. We hear what Dr. Ilakkuvan most enjoys about being a consultant, and what inspired her to enter into the public health sphere in the first place. Discover the importance of understanding epidemiology in implementing public health changes, and what Dr. Ilakkuvan's advice is to aspiring entrepreneurs about who they need to work with and for. From two seemingly conflicting characteristics (humility and confidence) that Dr. Ilakkuvan feels are crucial in working in public health, to the three pillars that she has founded her consulting firm on, you don’t want to miss this inspiring episode! Visit the PHEC Podcast Show Notes:  Grab Your FREE 10-Page PHEC Podcast eBook:
  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

    PHEC 222: Three Challenges Of Public Health Entrepreneurs


    Everyone is interested in diversifying their income these days, and more and more folks in public health are actively exploring various creative options. Over the past year alone, however, Dr. Charlotte Hughes Huntley has worked with a number of public health entrepreneurs who have struggled with some common issues that prevent them from starting their businesses or growing and scaling the businesses they already have. In today’s episode, we talk about some of the consistent core challenges that entrepreneurs face, including self doubt, your relationship with money, and good old fashioned fear. We also dive into the ways in which you can overcome these challenges, from knowing your worth to finding a coach to support you in your journey, so make sure not to miss this informative and practical discussion!

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