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PHEC 211: Filling The Gap Between Clinical Health Care & Public Health With Dr. Meghan O’Connell, Great Plains Tribal Epidemiology Center

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Today’s guest is a clinical doctor and a public health practitioner, who is working towards bridging the gap between these two somewhat disconnected fields.

Dr. Meghan O’Connell has dedicated her life’s work to the achievement of health equity in the United States, and firmly believes that connecting clinical medicine and public health is an essential element in reaching the goal to eliminate health disparities.

Dr. O’Connell has worked in a number of roles throughout her career, which you will hear briefly about today, but the main focus of our discussion is on the work that she is currently doing with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Great Plains Tribal Epidemiology Center (GPTEC), and tribal communities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the existing vulnerabilities of Native American tribes. During the conversation on this episode, Dr. O’Connell shares the challenges she has faced regarding public health data acquisition for these communities. There is a discussion about Dr. O’Connell and the Tribal Epidemiology Centers effort to address these challenges.

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  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

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  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

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  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

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  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

    PHEC 222: Three Challenges Of Public Health Entrepreneurs


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  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

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  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

    PHEC 220: Creative Public Health Career Resources, With Zoila Reyna


    Zoila Reyna had an unusual introduction to public health. Her first job out of college, which she found on Craigslist, involved recruiting youth to be undercover tobacco purchasers for the Federal Drug Administration. This position opened her eyes to the wide ranging impacts of public health on communities, and she was hooked. Zoila’s passion for serving others, and her hard working nature, have taken her from nonprofits, to government organizations, to corporates, and most recently, to the world of entrepreneurship. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoila founded Public Health Hired, a company which aims to demystify the public health hiring process and provide support to public health professionals. In today’s episode, you’ll hear about the path that led Zoila to where she is today, including the rough patches, and the practical ways in which she is now helping other public health professionals reach their full potential.
  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

    PHEC 219: Public Health Communication And Improving Data Access, With Joshua Smith


    Navigating your prospective career options can sometimes feel like trying to find something in a fog. You’re stumbling around, doing your best to reach your destination, but you don’t really know what it is you’re looking for until you find it; and then it all makes sense. That is how today’s guest, Joshua Smith, describes his journey into public health. Joshua is an enrolled member of the Klamath tribes and serves as a Health Communication and Evaluation Specialist with the Improving Data and Enhancing Access Project at the Northwest Tribal Epidemiology Center (NWTEC).  This episode of the Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast is part of a special sponsored series of episodes, offering insights into the Tribal Epidemiology Centers in the US. In Dr. Huntley’s conversation with Joshua, they discuss his perspective on public health, epidemiology, and the impact of tribal epidemiology centers on the tribal communities that he serves.
  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

    PHEC 218: Nutrition Policy And Public Health Consulting, With Stephanie Hodges, MS, MPH, RDN


    Since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic, the demand for public health entrepreneurs has skyrocketed. For today’s show, Dr. Huntley hosts a conversation with Stephanie Hodges, a Nutrition Policy and Public Health Consultant. Stephanie is also the founder and CEO of The Nourished Principles, a public health and nutrition consulting firm that works with public and private sector clients to implement effective public health nutrition.
  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

    PHEC 217: A Human Level Approach To Addressing Burnout, with Dr. Jacqueline Kerr


    The world of public health has many avenues and much potential for learning beyond its own confines. In this episode, Dr. Huntley has a conversation with Dr. Jacqueline Kerr to learn about her interesting and surprising journey through parts of the public health space.  Dr. Kerr currently works as a consultant helping her clients create sustainable and scalable change on an organizational level, and she also hosts her very own podcast, Overcoming Working Mom Burnout. The topic of burnout and its prevention has been a more recent area of exploration for Jacqueline, and she discusses how her own experience of these hurdles informed and inspired her work.  Dr. Kerr is in the top 1% of most-cited scientists, achieving her Masters and Ph.D. in the United Kingdom before coming to the United States in 2004 for a postdoctoral fellowship. Later she worked at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, transitioning out of that role in 2018 to focus on her own business.  Her main focus is now on grant writing and the mentorship of academic clients, admitting that her preference is working on the systematic and communal level rather than as a one on one coach. So to hear it all from an energized expert, passionate about the way public health can change the world, listen to the full conversation in this episode!
  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

    PHEC 216: Healthcare Consulting and Public Health, With Nicole Denham, MHA, RN


    Dr. Huntley is joined by Nicole Denim, MHA, RN. Nicole is focused on helping to tighten up emergency preparedness and optimize clinical operations for healthcare organizations. She has a strong passion for process improvement and is a founding partner of Clinical Operations Renewal (COR) Consultants. Nicole has worked alongside healthcare leaders across the country to assist them in achieving their desired future and has an incredible amount of experiences and knowledge to share with you. Listen to this episode to hear the full conversation!
  • Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast

    PHEC 215: Administrative Support At Alaska Native Epidemiology Center, With Annie Okpealuk


    Today’s guest has learned a great deal about public health through her administrative support role within a public health organization. She joins us to share more about her role as well as her perspective of public health and the impact of the tribal epidemiology centers on the tribal community in Alaska. Tune in to hear about her entry into the world of public health after having worked in medical billing, substance abuse, and mental health, what her current role involves, and an example of a recent grant that has come in. She shares some powerful advice for people interested in public health and assures listeners that you don’t have to be an epidemiologist to work in public health, but your knowledge of epidemiology can enrich any support role you may take on. We hope you join us to hear all this and more!

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