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Prison Breaking With Sarah & Paul

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Just have a little faith.  We got a runner!  Welcome to Prisneyland, Fish.  And  welcome to the Prison Break re-watch podcast you always knew you needed. Sarah Wayne Callies (Dr. Sara Tancredi) & Paul Adelstein (Agent Paul Kellerman) re-watch and re-live the show episode by episode.  The on-screen adversaries and real-life friends share never-before-heard stories about filming the series and welcome guests including the actors, directors and writers from Prison Break’s 5 seasons.  They answer fan questions, run a few contests, and dig into the way TV - and our culture - has changed since the show premiered in 2005. Whether you’re a fan from way back or new to the show: come join us.  We’ll leave the door open for you. Subscribe to the "Watch Party" on Patreon and re-watch every episode of Prison Break with Sarah & Paul's unfiltered commentary - Follow us on Instagram - Email us at [email protected] And leave us a message with all your burning questions at (401) 3-PBREAK Logo design by John Nunziatto @ Little Big Brands.  If you want one yourself, reach out at and tell him we sent you. PRISON BREAKING WITH SARAH & PAUL is a Caliber Studio production.

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