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When Is It Time to Change Your Editing Software?

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As podcast editors, we realize that the software we use is important. In fact, it might be the single most important piece of software we own.

But when is it time to consider changing?

When is it worth it to change?

What should we think about when we're considering a change?

If you've been editing podcasts for a while, you've probably considered those questions (and more). Listen to hear from the community - our thoughts, perspectives, frustrations, hangups, and more for the software we usually love and sometimes hate.

Join the conversation to share your thoughts and questions.

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Listen to Discover

  • What DAWs your favorite Yetis use
  • What it would take for us to go looking for another DAW
  • Why you might not want to change DAWs
  • What DAWs we would use if we couldn't use our favorites
  • What you should do if your favorite DAW isn't popular (hint: we can't tell you what to do...)

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