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RIC in-haus: The Cost of Living Crisis (and how to get out of it)

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Radicals in Conversation in-haus is a podcast series collaboration between Pluto Press and Bookhaus, an independent bookshop in Bristol. RIC in-haus is recorded on location at Bookhaus. The bookshop’s ‘in-haus’ events programme features authors of some of the most exciting radical nonfiction being published today.

Episode 7 was recorded on the 8th March. James Meadway, the Director of the Progressive Economy Forum and former Economics Advisor to John McDonnell, came to Bookhaus to talk about his new co-authored pamphlet, The Cost of Living Crisis (and how to get out of it).

Interviewed by Raven Hart, James explains in plain terms what is meant by 'inflation', increases or cuts in ‘real terms’, and phenomena like the ‘wage-price spiral’. He deals with the many myths, misconceptions and misdirections that abound in mainstream reporting on economics, and offers some practical proposals for how to resolve the crisis.


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