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RIC in-haus: Mussolini’s Grandchildren: Italian Fascism in 2023

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Radicals in Conversation in-haus is a podcast series collaboration between Pluto Press and Bookhaus, an independent bookshop in Bristol. RIC in-haus is recorded on location at Bookhaus. The bookshop’s ‘in-haus’ events programme features authors of some of the most exciting radical nonfiction being published today.

Episode 9 was recorded in May 2023. David Broder came to Bookhaus to talk about his new book, Mussolini’s Grandchildren: Fascism in Contemporary Italy, which was published by Pluto Press in March. David is a historian of the Italian far-right and Europe editor for Jacobin. His writing has also appeared in the New Statesman, New York Times, Guardian, Independent, New Left Review and Tribune. He’s joined in conversation by John Foot, Professor of Modern Italian History at the University of Bristol, and author of Blood and Power: The Rise and Fall of Italian Fascism. 

David joined us on Radicals in Conversation in September 2022, shortly after Giorgia Meloni’s Fratelli d’Italia party won the Italian general election. Now, several months on, David and John discuss how things have panned out for the new fascist government, both domestically and on the international stage.


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