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On Abolition Feminism with H.L.T. Quan

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We’re excited to have H.L.T. Quan on the pod this month, as we publish her new book Become Ungovernable: An Abolition Feminist Ethic for Democratic Living.

Joined by Professors Barbara Ransby and Tiffany Willoughby-Herard, the conversation circles the themes of the book, exploring topics such as radical love, transformative justice, and ungovernability in the South African context, including during the struggle against Apartheid.

Become Ungovernable reveals the mirage of mainstream democratic thought and the false promises of liberal political ideologies, offering an alternative approach: an abolition feminism drawing on a kaleidoscope of refusal praxes, and on a deep engagement with the Black Radical Tradition and queer analytics.

As usual, podcast listeners can get 40% off the book, for the next month. Simply use the coupon PODCAST at the checkout on plutobooks.com.

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