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One Thing About Hookup Culture, Gypsy Rose, and Pick Me Girls

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Welcome back to another epsisode! Sam & Taylor recap their staycation in Fredricksburg, Texas and fill you in on the tea of how Taylor lost her job. Hot gossip gets interesting when they call out someone posting lies about something from 3 years ago, yikes! We also dive into our thoughts on hook-up culture today, whether we participate, and whether we think it’s healthy. Remember to rate 5 stars and follow us on Instagram! Love ya Please support the show by giving these sponsors a visit! Care/of = For 50% off your first month’s subscription with Care/of, go to and enter code onething50. Or visit TikTok - Follow us @thefwordpodcast Connect with Taylor @ttaylorolsen Connect with Sam @ssam.ttaylor Download our App! FITNESS UNCENSORED Available in the Apple App store and Google Play. SHOP FITNESS UNCENSORED MERCH! Watch & subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE .

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