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One Thing About 75 Hard, Double Dates, and Crazy Secrets

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We wanted to know crazy things you guys are taking to the grave, that you swore you wouldn’t tell a soul, & of course we shared our secrets too! We also talk about Taylor doing 75 hard, how Sam broke dry January, college dance, and Sam’s love for double dates. Make sure to rate 5 stars and follow us on Instagram to be up to date on our content and to support the podcast! Please support the show by giving these sponsors a visit! Earth Breeze = Right now, my listeners can subscribe to Earth Breeze and save 40%! Go to to get started. TikTok - Follow us @thefwordpodcast Connect with Taylor @ttaylorolsen Connect with Sam @ssam.ttaylor Download our App! FITNESS UNCENSORED Available in the Apple App store and Google Play. SHOP FITNESS UNCENSORED MERCH! Watch & subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE .

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