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Spencer Haws:

Spencer Haws from discusses business ideas that actually work. Learn how to build niche websites, market your website through search engine optimization, and much more. In addition, you'll get interviews with leading internet entrepreneurs that provide insight on: authority sites, flipping sites, using Google Adsense, outsourcing, automation tools, linkbuilding, building a real business, software development, creating iPhone Apps, lifestyle business, small business tips, and more. Overall, get your dose of motivation to move forward with your niche business ideas or take your small business to the next level!

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  • Niche Pursuits Podcast podcast

    How Morten Storsgaard Makes Mid-5 Figures a Month With This Unique Approach To Building Profitable Niche Websites


    Today's guest on the podcast is Morten Storsgaard from who shares his story and offers actionable insights into his unique approach to building successful niche websites.  In the podcast, Morten talks about the no-nonsense strategy that has brought him success. 
  • Niche Pursuits Podcast podcast

    How Kyle Kroeger Grew a New Niche Site From 0 to 100K a Month Traffic


    Kyle Kroeger is our guest on the podcast this week - he's been building niche sites for 10+ years as a side hustle, but has recently quit his job to go full time into online marketing. Jared and Kyle discuss his larger than average website portfolio, How he gets rapid growth in the first year and much more.    
  • Niche Pursuits Podcast podcast

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  • Niche Pursuits Podcast podcast

    How Marty Quit His Soul-Sucking Job with Display Ads and Affiliate Websites


    How would you like to replace your full-time income from a regular job with the revenue you generate from affiliate and display ad websites? That's the story of Marty McLeod who joins us on the podcast this week. In this podcast we discuss various topics like How to identify competitors, How to pick a niche and more.
  • Niche Pursuits Podcast podcast

    How Kyle Roof From Page Optimizer Pro Gets Big Results From On-Page SEO


    In this episode we have Kyle Roof with us who is responsible for the development and implementation of all SEO techniques used by the SEO agency High Voltage SEO and the SEO tool PageOptimizer Pro. We discuss various On-Page SEO strategies, building an SEO tool without a dev background and much more.
  • Niche Pursuits Podcast podcast

    How Shawna Newman Builds and Flip Niche and Authority sites


    Online marketer Shawna Newman is our guest on the podcast this week. She is a veteran affiliate marketer, having been full-time in the industry since 2009. She also has a ton of experience in flipping websites, building sites on aged domains, and adapting her overall strategies based on data. Every topic associated with content sites is discussed in this interview
  • Niche Pursuits Podcast podcast

    How Stephen Hockman Sold a 1 Year Old Affiliate Site for Over $100k


    In today's episode, I interview Stephen Hockman of SEO Chatter and we discuss everything about starting up new websites the right way, internal linking, SEO, site structure, and a whole lot more. He's grown many affiliate sites, been through Google penalties, recently sold a niche site, written a book, and is currently building an SEO site in public, all the while sharing his strategies.
  • Niche Pursuits Podcast podcast

    Mike Vranjkovic Of Empire Flippers Capital On Website Investors And Operators


    The managing director of Empire Flippers Capital, Mike Vranjkovic, joins us on the podcast this week. Mike goes into the background of EF Capital and shares all the details of how it works. He also discusses what it's like to be an accredited investor vs what it's like to be an operator in this program.
  • Niche Pursuits Podcast podcast

    Jason Lee From The FBA Flipper On Amazon FBA Businesses Today


    This week we're joined on the podcast by Jason Lee from The FBA Flipper helps buyers to purchase reputable China-based Amazon FBA Businesses and the discussion therefore largely revolves around Amazon FBA businesses. Jason started out in the industry working at Empire Flippers, one of the top brokers for online businesses. They sell a wide range of online businesses from Amazon FBA to affiliate sites. During this time Jason was living in China and became an expert in the Amazon FBA market in that market specifically. Jared Bauman is our host on the podcast, and he and Jason spend a lot of time talking about the FBA market today. He shares a lot of tips on how to start an FBS business in the current environment, focusing on the changes that have taken place since the start of the pandemic. It's a really interesting interview about where Amazon FBA is today and where it's heading in the future.
  • Niche Pursuits Podcast podcast

    Jesse Lakes From Genius Link On Doubling Your Affiliate Earnings


    Jesse Lakes from Genius Link joins us for his second appearance on the Niche Pursuits. Genius Link is both an affiliate link tracking and management tool and a way to potentially increase earnings through link localization and by presenting multiple buying options to your audience. Jared Bauman (our podcast host this week) and Jesse have an in-depth discussion on link localization. Jesse has a ton of great data showing that this approach can more than double affiliate earnings. He also talks about Genius Link's product 'Choice Pages' that make presenting multiple offers to an audience more streamlined and effective.
  • Niche Pursuits Podcast podcast

    How Sarah Stromsdofer Accelerated Her Niche Site Growth With Link Building


    Sarah and Brad Stromsdofer join us on the podcast this week. This couple started their blogging journey in 2016 and dabbled in many ways to make money online, but ultimately decided to focus on a blog in a niche they were experts in. In the interview, we go through the journey that started in 2016 and follows it to today where the site is now making over $5000 per month. In 2020 they started a new site. They decided to use Stan Ventures link building services, which, as Sarah shares, really accelerated the site's growth. Enjoys this latest episode as the couple really opens up and shares their successes. 

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