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Finance Your Creative Career with Felicia Day’s Gig Economy Survival Guide

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Writer, producer, and actor Felicia Day shares her financial journey working in Hollywood, with tips for managing your budget when gigs are inconsistent. What Is Your Time Worth? How do you value your time outside of work?  How can you manage finances in an unpredictable career like acting?  Hosts Sean Pyles and Sara Rathner discuss the concept of time valuation to help you understand how to balance personal worth against income. They begin with a discussion of time valuation, offering insights on the average hourly value people place on their time, the impact of this valuation on life decisions and assessing the value of unpaid personal tasks.  06:10 Interview with Felicia Day Sean speaks with Felicia Day about the financial strategies she employed to maintain an unstable career in Hollywood. They tackle topics such as frugal habits, the significance of diversifying one's portfolio for career longevity and aligning creative passions with financial stability. Plus: How to understand the financial education that you may have received even without having ever been given a formal financial education. In their conversation, the Nerds discuss: Hollywood finances, managing finances, acting career, freelancing lifestyle, financial strategies, financial acumen, Hollywood journey, value of time, budgeting tactics, work-life balance, career growth, financial stability, creative careers, personal well-being, professional satisfaction, financial security, generational differences, personal time investment, freelancing finances, unstable careers, diversifying skills, frugality, budgeting skills, theoretical mathematics, content creation, business acumen, media industry, creative fulfillment, career shifts, entrepreneurial leaps, work-life harmony, managing a budget, career resilience, and skills diversification. To send the Nerds your money questions, call or text the Nerd hotline at 901-730-6373 or email [email protected]. Like what you hear? Please leave us a review and tell a friend.

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