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Cash in on Collectibles: How to Monetize Your Passions and Memorabilia

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Discover how you could turn your collectibles and passions into an actual business and stay ahead of market trends. How hard is it to make money from collectibles?  What kinds of things typically become collectible?  Hosts Sean Pyles and Elizabeth Ayoola discuss the unconventional method of selling collectibles to earn income to help you understand how your passions could yield financial gain. Sean speaks with Tyler Feldman, the Founder and CEO of Inscriptagraphs, a sports and entertainment memorabilia company, about the significance of researching market trends, leveraging platforms like eBay for sales, tips for staying ahead of market trends and how to find a balance between passion and practicality in the business of collecting. In their conversation, the Nerds discuss: collectibles, memorabilia, monetizing collectibles, sports memorabilia, Inscriptographs, autographed memorabilia, Carrie Fisher movie scripts, Lady Gaga Oreos, baseball cards, comic books, vinyl records, childhood fascinations, nostalgia, financial success, Barbie dolls, entrepreneurial stories, memorabilia trading, autographs, the collectible market, investment in collectibles, trading cards, memorabilia value, nostalgia and memorabilia, unique collectibles, profitable collectibles, memorabilia industry, collecting tips, financial management, unconventional investments, making money from collectibles, Pokémon cards, eBay selling, collectible trends, autograph collecting, Mike Tyson memorabilia, and the sports collectibles market. To send the Nerds your money questions, call or text the Nerd hotline at 901-730-6373 or email [email protected]. Like what you hear? Please leave us a review and tell a friend.

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