Models-Workshop: After Hours podcast

Models-Workshop: After Hours

Models Workshop Crew

We are a group of miniature and model painters who get together to socialize while they work. Models Workshop itself was founded by Larry and Ben back in 2011 and was shortly joined by Yeji and Andi. They 4 of us where the original group hanging out in Skype while painting. Since then Matt, Clint, Chloe, Scott, House, Chuck and Joe have joined the crew. It will be rare if ever you will hear more then 4 or 5 of us at one time due to time zone restraints but hopefully soon everyone will have a chance to hop on. While we do talk about miniatures, models and tabletop wargaming, we will pretty much talk about anything that maybe interests us from movies to music and everything inbetween! We are also here to help the community by giving advice and tips. We also will be answering questions that fellow hobbyists may have.

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