Mini-Fellowship in Movement Disorders Podcast podcast

Mini-Fellowship in Movement Disorders Podcast

Danish Bhatti

This podcast is a collection of tips and tricks and very brief introductions to concepts and ideas in Movement Disorders that act as a companion to my ongoing online Course “Mini-fellowship in Movement Disorders”. Each episode is standalone and is often triggered based on a question raised by the participants and I try to explain a complicated concept in Movement Disorders in a brief precise way but simplifying in an easy to follow manner. The audios thus don’t exactly follow a curriculum or any particular organization but is intended to simulate the true clinical bedside case-based teaching in a virtual environment. Some examples will be what is difference between spasticity and rigidity; what is classification of Cerebral Palsy; What is true resting tremor; what are radiological findings in atypical Parkinsonism etc.

10 episodi

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