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MYM – Reair: 'The Devil You Knew' by Prof Ian Hickie

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We discuss Ian’s new book on depression, The Devil You Knew. What causes depression? What are the different types of depression? Why are the physical symptoms of depression so important? How does someone with depression find the treatments that will work for them? How can we lower our risk of getting depression?

If you have any questions or comments, email Ian and James at [email protected] . Let them know any other topics you’d like them to cover. 

To find out more about depression and support services, you can contact Head to Health at ⁠www.headtohealth.gov.au⁠ , Beyond Blue at ⁠www.beyondblue.org.au⁠ , Lifeline at ⁠www.lifeline.org.au⁠ or on 13 11 14 and ⁠www.headspace.com⁠ . Thanks to Future Generation Global.

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