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Lisa Princic

Have you ever wondered how 6 and 7 figure online service brands are actually built? You’ve seen so many marketers promising huge results and are now thinking, there has to be another way to scale … On the podcast I dig beneath the surface to find the real reasons business owners have reached their revenue goals. The choices, the strategies and the big shifts they’ve made to get there. And guess what? They are NOT following the one-size-fits all formulas mass marketers will make you believe work for everyone. I focus on finding the truth - the real business models, scalable offers and marketing tactics that build sustainable, profitable brands. And I do this on the podcast by asking my guests deep questions and sharing my own stories of how I’m scaling deep.

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  • Scaling Deep with Lisa Princic podcast

    #142: What happens when we stop fighting our nature & focus on the path of least resistance


    After a brisk cross-country ski - my first one of the year - I relate my exercise choices to my business. Most of us get much better results focusing on doing what we do naturally and actually enjoy. This is the same in life & business. Do we need to be in a constant state of challenging ourselves to enjoy something, day-after-day when it doesn't become any more fun? Or can we build a life and business without feeling we have to do what everyone else is doing?  Today I share my feelings about social and how I'm taking a stand about not being on the platforms regularly because I simply don't love it. And because I don't love it I'll probably never get great results unless I can do it in a way that's totally supportive and that would be at another level investment, which the ROI hasn't shown me to make sense yet.  I also share more about my SOI/ultimate guide blog post which is now ready at the interest in my upcoming workshop   
  • Scaling Deep with Lisa Princic podcast

    #141: Choosing the right launch event for an easeful & impactful experience


    Ever felt like launching and then thought again? Launches can be exciting and stressful event so making them sustainable is critical so we actually do them. In this episode I share an update on how my minimum viable podcast is doing, the minor setbacks and the big benefits. One such glitch was uploaded episode #137 without sound. This is since been fixed. It's a really good one so I urge you to go back to it and have a listen. I also share a bit more about my membership funnel and decision to host one more event before the end of the year.  I was tossing around the idea of a challenge before I realized how much work was involved in setting one up. After much thought and discussion, I decided that a workshop would be just as interactive and much easier (and fun) for me to pull off than a challenge.  So that's being planned for Nov 30th and this first one is free. You can sign up here if you are interested
  • Scaling Deep with Lisa Princic podcast

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  • Scaling Deep with Lisa Princic podcast

    #140: Minimalist marketing - how to thrive in simplicity


    I'm continuing on the theme this month of sharing behind-the-scenes of my marketing funnel. I wanted to add this part because last week I spoke all about my new marketing funnel that I'm building using FB ads - my social media platform of choice.  But I wanted to also address how we need to carefully look at what is working now and continue to bolster that. We need to continuously be exploring the question, "how do people buy from us'. To be successful, we can't overlook what we find. When exploring new marketing tactics or funnels we need to take a methodical approach and test one thing at a time. Resisting the temptation to "throw the baby out with the bathwater" is imperative and it allows us to get bolder in time vs. shrink back from too much change and exposure.  If you find yourself jumping from one bright shiny offer to the next listen you'll want to get some confirmation to stay mindful of the minimal approach.
  • Scaling Deep with Lisa Princic podcast

    #139: Unveiling my simple and sophisticated marketing funnel


    Today I finally revealed my simple, yet sophisticated marketing funnel. I explain how it relates to my full suite of offers, including how I'm bringing people in and what I'm inviting them to buy.  I'm explaining how I'm using FB ads to get in front of my ideal audience, the opportunity they'll have to buy at the best price ever for my Profitable Membership Club and what else they'll see I offer, down the road.  As I promised I'd be sharing details of what I'm experimenting in-time, stay tuned for updates as I work through it and work out the kinks. 
  • Scaling Deep with Lisa Princic podcast

    #138: What it takes to stay on the road to your visionary business model


    This is one of my richest, juciest and visionary episodes yet. I almost titled it:  The road to the visionary business model is paved with self-doubt because I'm sharing THE foundations to creating a visionary business model and how to stay the course.  I also share my own model with you, what I've done, how it's shifting and why. It's been a long time in the making and it's exactly the right time to be pursuing programs that light me up, and offering ONLY those ones.  Leading with our strengths, within a clear niche and providing ways for our best clients to get to know us properly is the way forward.  If you are building a membership or membership-curious join my free FB community and discuss this there
  • Scaling Deep with Lisa Princic podcast

    #137: Do we need to have had success to be successful?


    This episode was a bit of a beast in that I attempted to answer a big question in a limited amount of time. Part of my new requirements to run an MVP (minimum viable podcast).  I'm seeing more criticism about the practices of the unregulated online business industry and how we attribute the success of the business owner or company to a sign that they deliver on the promises people buy from them.  A recent article from the Guardian takes a critical position on the Life Coach School and how it can blame the student for not getting results of running a successful life coach business.  That had me questioning whether the owners who become fixated on growing their business take their eye off of customer service and their proof of delivering value becomes more about how big them are becoming, as if that's all the validation and proof they need.  In this episode I also talk about the three foundations that will lead to success and the ultimate one which is customer service.  I'm inviting anyone who's thinking about, launching or currently has a membership to join me in my new free community on Facebook to continue having these and other important conversations. Perhaps memberships are a solution to some of the questionable sales practices we are seeing online today. 
  • Scaling Deep with Lisa Princic podcast

    #136: Influencing growth by creating systems not setting goals


    My approach to work as changed a lot lately from thinking I needed to do the growth activities to sitting back a little and realizing that I could do less and think it through more.  Yes all the marketing activities have to happen to gain any visibility and therefore sales but instead of setting arbitrary goals that result from desire, I'm more interested in creating systems.  Systems that create results consistently. This is not brand new thinking, it's more of a re-focusing from getting outcomes to fine-tuning the process. Getting one sale because of a system that can be repeated is way more powerful than getting 10 sales and not knowing how to do that again.  I'm moving away from setting any goals or having any expectations about revenue right now to figuring out the systems to create a sustainable business model. One that only supports growth that will not lead to burnout. Join me on this journey!
  • Scaling Deep with Lisa Princic podcast

    #135: The BIG little podcast comeback - thriving with an MVP approach to everything


    Sometimes what's in front of us isn't clear until we take a step back from it for a while. I've been super busy since I put the podcast on pause. A healthy East Coast vacation, a hectic Summit and a fairly mellow launch, all things considered.  Despite all that, I recognized that I still have a lot to say, to teach and share and the podcast is my medium.  But it's not going to be the same as before. It's low tech, low time and just me. I'm sharing my new "chill" approach to business growth and scaling to a one to many model.  You'll get plenty of behind-the-scenes talk as I open the kimono and share what I'm learning and applying in real time to make a great business and life. I hope you stick around. And check out the Profitable Membership Club here:  
  • Scaling Deep with Lisa Princic podcast

    #134: Hacking visibility and the future of the Scaling Deep podcast


    Having been in 'vision mode' since the previous episode, I've been thinking very carefully about my visibility activities. When I began the Scaling Deep podcast, it was with a real intention to improve my visibility. But I recently realized my podcast was more of an engagement activity! This has led me to consider my plans and activities for the coming months, and to really think about what I want to focus on in my business. So obviously, I share my thinking here by engaging with you on the podcast! The result of all this deep reflection had led to the decision to put my podcast on pause for a while. I need to free up some of my time for visibility activities. Since I do love the medium, I'll likely be seeing you here again with a more low-key version of it with lots of behind-the-scenes, and as-I'm-working-on-it shares! You can find complete show notes and resources for this episode at
  • Scaling Deep with Lisa Princic podcast

    #133: How to build an inclusive business & team with Meaghan Lamm


    I keep returning to the theme of values-based positioning on the podcast this year, going all the way back to episode 109 in February 2021. This is so important to think about, whether you're making the move into thought leadership or just want to build a brand that reflects your values and your authentic self. But aside from creating an ethical brand, do you think about how the people you have in your team can make your business more impactful? My guest today is Meaghan Lamm. She has been in the online business world for 6 years, helping impact-driven female business owners to build their 'dream team'. Meaghan works as a Hiring Strategist and Team Leadership Consultant, helping to ensure businesses are hiring teams that share their visions and values in order to grow, build great partnerships, and create real change. This was the right conversation for me at the right time. I'm definitely in vision mode now! You can find complete show notes and resources for this episode at

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