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It's a New Year! Let's set our intention, focus on the important, and prioritize our business with Lynne Snead, Coach and Founder of Talent Evolution Systems. {Replay}

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It's a New Year! Setting your intentions; identifying what's important, and how to prioritize in business. Additionally, harness the superpower of identifying styles.

This week's episode is a replay of a highly rated episode with Lynne Snead, founder and owner of Talent Evolution Systems.  Lynne is a behavioral analyst, consultant, training specialist, speaker, coach. Lynne has a back ground in Educational Psychology, and has specialized in organizational performance for over 20 years. Lynne is one of the original Franklin Covey co-authors, has a best seller, she created Franklin Covey’s signature Project Development process and programs, worked directly with Stephen R Covey Senior and Stephen MR Covey Junior. Lynne started her own company in 2003. 

I've known Lynne for several years and highly recommend reaching out to her for more information.

Show Notes

  • 1:42 – Lynne talks about her career
  •  4:44 – What is your definition of Coach?
  • 7:38 – Beginning of the year intentions
  • 16:24 – Line of sight
  • 36:40 – How do you prioritize in business?
  • 44:40 – Style is important
  • 50:54 – What is the “cheat” to align different styles?

Favorite book: Speed of Trust

Favorite book: Atomic Habits

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