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#163 - Protest, Trauma, and Hope in Iran (Part 2)

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Dr. Noshene Ranjbar joins us again. In this episode, Dr. Ranjbar draws on parallels between current events in Iran and her work with providing mental health care for Native Americans in the United States. We explore how a field, such as psychiatry, can meet a community’s needs while also providing adequate care for those that need it.

Hosts: Eyrn, Toshia, Al

Guest: Noshene Ranjbar, MD, Yasmine Dakhama, MS4


  • Learn more about Dr. Ranjbar’s recent work:
    • Ranjbar, MD. Noshene E., MD. Matt Erb, MD. Julie Mari Tomkins, MD. Krishna Taneja, and MD. Amelia Villagomez, Implementing a Mind-Body Skills Group in Psychiatric Residency Training, 2021.
    • Ranjbar, N., M. Erb, O. Mohammad, and F. A. Moreno, "Trauma-Informed Care and Cultural Humility in the Mental Health Care of People From Minoritized Communities.", Focus (Am Psychiatr Publ), vol. 18, issue 1, pp. 8-15, 2020 Jan. PMCID: PMC7011220 PMID:

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