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#293 Acute and chronic parasites and autoimmunity with Elizabeth Yarnell, Traditional Naturopath, CLT

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This week on The Less Stressed Life Podcast, I am joined by the delightful Elizabeth Yarnell. In this episode, we discuss Elizabeth's diagnosis of MS, getting parasites in Asia, and the transition of learning how to cook whole foods after growing up on gummy bears and soda and her departure from journalism into naturopathy. 


  • Food sensitivities
  • Parasite infections
  • Autoimmunity

Elizabeth Yarnell is a traditional naturopath,  patented inventor, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. As a health and wellness speaker, she's focused on the ways chronic inflammation influences our bodies and our lives, and what each of us can do to get  rid of it in order to live happily and comfortably.
She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999 and has been on a mission to redefine multiple sclerosis and autoimmunity. As a traditional naturopath and certified LEAP therapist, she's worked with hundreds of others suffering with the same thing in her nationwide clinic, using a unique, personalized, non-pharmaceutical approach to empower her clients to reclaim their health.

Check out Elizabeth's cookbook here: Glorious One-Pot Meals 
Inflammation quiz: https://elizabethyarnell.com/inflammationquiz/

Instagram: @elizabethyarnell_naturopath

Website: https://www.christabiegler.com/
Instagram: @anti.inflammatory.nutritionist
Leave a review, submit a questions for the podcast or take one of my quizzes here: https://www.christabiegler.com/links

Are you sick more often than you should be, have consistently low Vitamin D, B12 and iron, salt and sugar cravings, puffiness in your face or extremities, need daily antihistamines or are losing your hair but labs are normal? Food sensitivities, low energy, and skin issues can all be caused by inflammation. The ROOT CAUSE of inflammation is immune system imbalance. Bring the immune system into balance to correct inflammatory symptoms like food sensitivities, low energy, skin issues and a cascade of other “no one has the answer to” symptoms. 
The ANWSER is immune resilience! It's the overarching goal I have when working with 1:1 clients.
Packages include:

  • Labs
  • 1:1 interpretation and personalized protocols 
  • Support between appointments with weekly touchpoints
  • Messaging and trainings to get the most out of working together

Past clients, if it's been more than a year since I've seen you, you're welcome to book a call! This is the last time until fall that I'm taking clients. If you want to maximize this season and bring your body into balance go to https://www.christabiegler.com/fss to book a call with me.

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