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New perceptions of the European Union, & it's AI regulation and innovation approaches

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Today we are welcoming back Sebastian Hallensleben to talk about the new perception of the EU, the imprecision of the Commissions regulations on AI, the level of technological understanding amongst EU commissioners, the challenges that poses, funding innovation and more.

  • How does interdisciplinary and inter-sector dialogue work in the EU? 
  • The European Commission is working on AI regulation, and the regulations are quite imprecise but will eventually have a significant impact on the way we handle AI in Europe
  • In European politics, there are parties that ultimately strive to work towards some sort of compromise and parties that don’t
  • The debates happen on different levels because of the different levels of technological know-how. Corporations try to come in and explain AI which can affect European policy-making sovereignty
  • If you look at history, despite the many faults the European Union has, it has always been a success model
  • Europe has to be cautious of the uncertainties of other countries, such as the US or Russia
  • The EU discusses autonomy and sovereignty as a geo-strategic balance
  • Timing of AI regulation is important
  • The EU needs to have a discussion about its own resilience and its institutions. What happens if a bad actor comes into play?
  • The importance of democratic discourse. Government is not just a “service provider”. The government is shaped by its citizens
  • Biggest challenge right now is building an infrastructure of trust in the digital space. How can I avoid being manipulated by AI entities? Setting up privacy and identity protection. Government shouldn’t run these protections but sponsor them.
  • The need for funding for new ideas in the digital space

Sebastian Hellensleben:

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