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A podcast discussing world Women's Football / Soccer news. Head over to for more! Twitter & Instagram: @thewososhow

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    Ep4. Sackings and Shield Winners


    WSL, International Break, and NWSL - this episode has a bit of everything! With Everton firing their head coach, we question if this move was too abrupt. Next, we'll discuss the upcoming international break and it wouldn't be a WOSO episode if we didn't question some of the decisions that were made for both the Lionesses and the USWNT. As always, we go around the world, and afterwards we'll land over in the NWSL to talk Portland Thorns vs. Houston Dash and Portland winning the shield. Allie tries to understand what playoffs mean and finally we get into an interesting discussion around the most competitive league in the world. Is it the NWSL? And is the global structure of the women's game suited for results that can answer that question? Enjoy! Episode edited by Mike Adams @monkeyhillmedia. Follow us on social @theWOSOshow.
  • The Women's Soccer Show podcast

    Ep3. Derby & Demonstrations


    NWSL games have resumed and Sara has the inside scoop from the press conference after the Gotham FC game! The WOSO team talks how the return of games felt in the NWSL, the shocking result between Portland and KC, and the playoff picture itself. Next, your favorite hosts dive head first into the Manchester Derby... City vs. United... and what the hell happened in that wild game? Of course, we'll go around the world to all of our favorite league to cover across the globe. Episode edited by Mike Adams @monkeyhillmedia. Follow us on social @theWOSOshow.
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  • The Women's Soccer Show podcast

    Ep2. The Hammers & The Heartbreak.


    What is happening in the WSL table?! Sara, Allie, and Helen dive into Tottenham, West Ham, Manchester City, and Reading. Are West Ham and Tottenham as good as their record? Why are City and Reading underperforming what is expected of them? As always, the WOSO teams goes around the world to the Spanish, French, and Mexican leagues. Finally, they'll dive head first into the breaking news from the NWSL and the larger issues at play.
  • The Women's Soccer Show podcast

    Ep1. Season 4 Premiere!


    We're back for Season 4! We kick it off strong with the jaw dropping Arsenal vs. Man City matchup. Sara's Gunners demolished Helen's injury plagued City - what did Arsenal do well and what does this mean for each team? As always, we go 'around the world' to leagues across the globe including Europe. Finally, We dive into MU vs Chelsea, and get Allie's opinion on where her Hammers will finish and if Leister can stay in the top flight? It's episode 1, so we had to also do predictions right!    Episode edited by Mike Adams @monkeyhillmedia. Follow us on social @theWOSOshow.
  • The Women's Soccer Show podcast

    Olympics Ep 7: Finals


    It's the Gold Medal Match & Bronze Medal Match break down! Your favorite podcast hosts Sara and Helen waste no time jumping right into analysis of the incredible Gold Medal Game of the Olympics featuring Canada vs. Sweden. They of course need to talk through the thrilling 4-3 defeat of Australia by the US to capture Bronze and salvage the tournament. Sara and Helen then debate - was this a good finish by the US and what is the future of women's soccer? Finally, find out how their tournament predictions for golden glove and golden boot ended... it was a tight one! Follow us on social @theWOSOshow
  • The Women's Soccer Show podcast

    Olympics Ep 6: Semifinals


    The WOSO Show duo Sara and Helen chat all things Semi Finals at The Olympics. Sara has had 24 hours to recover from the USWNT v Canada loss but we (almost) get a few tears... Helen and Sara chat all things Sweden v Australia and their feelings on the Sam Kerr no-goal.  Of course Helen is keen to discuss predictions having tipped Sweden to win, Miedema to get golden boot and Lindahl to get golden glove! 4 potential strikes in one mini-series! Wow! Follow us on socials @TheWOSOshow - thanks to our partners at Total Football Analysis. 
  • The Women's Soccer Show podcast

    Olympics Ep 5: Quarterfinals


    The WOSO Show breaks down all four Quarterfinal games of the Olympic tournament! Sara rejoices in the USWNT win and Helen bums everyone out talking about Team GB's extra time loss. They talk through Canada's win over Brazil and Sweden taking care of Japan. Of course, Helen and Sara spend time previewing the two Semi-Final games and recap how their predictions are unfolding for Golden Boot, Golden Glove, and Gold Medal match. After a wild day of games, you don't want to miss this SPICY episode! Follow us on socials @theWOSOshow.
  • The Women's Soccer Show podcast

    Olympics Ep 4: Final Group-Stage Games


    Yesterday was the last round of the group stage games and we now have our knockout round picture! Sara and Helen break down some of the matchups of this final group stage round including Team GB vs. Canada, Zambia vs Brazil, and what is happening to the USWNT? Next, they dive head first into the Quarterfinals matchups and preview each of the four games for Friday! Predictions? Of course. And we'll finally find out if Sara's and Helen's Gold Medal Game predictions are now possible. Don't miss this one, and don't forget to follow us on social @theWOSOshow
  • The Women's Soccer Show podcast

    Olympics Ep3: Round 2 games


    Sara and Helen talk through all games of the second round of the Group Stage: they'll go group by group and break down every result & matchup. As the picture for the knockouts becomes more clear, we'll also talk through round three games and what needs to happen for each team to advance. Last but not least, we of course check in on how our tournament predictions are doing including golden boot, golden glove, and gold medal match. Continue following along with us as we watch this women's Olympic soccer unfold together! Round 2 games include: Netherlands vs. Brazil, Team GB vs. Japan, Sweden vs. Australia, China vs. Zambia, Canada vs. Chile, USA vs. New Zealand
  • The Women's Soccer Show podcast

    Olympics Ep2: Round 1 games


    The Olympics are in full swing and the feeling at The WOSO Show HQ is very strange. Helen's team won a game and Sara's team lost. What is going on?  We'll be covering every round of The Olympics with episodes dropping throughout the tournament.  Check us out on socials @thewososhow 

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