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  • INDIGOCAST podcast

    INDIGOCAST #6 | The (D)evolution of Role-Playing w/ NerdSlayer


    Guest starring NerdSlayer ► Tonight we're going to be discussing the decades-long evolution (or devolution) of the role-playing game. How RPGs have lost a lot of the choice, meaningful decisions and freedoms of previous games, and how many other genres have borrowed from RPGs to a point where the label has become almost meaningless.
  • INDIGOCAST podcast

    INDIGOCAST #5 | After Hours: Ranking the James Bond Films


    Featuring Shalashaskka: Introducing: IndigoCast After Hours! This is an experiment to see if people enjoy more casual discussions on my 2nd channel in addition to more tightly-planned podcast episodes on my main channel. Let's talk about the 24 official James Bond films, and how they rank up in our minds.
  • INDIGOCAST podcast

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  • INDIGOCAST podcast

    INDIGOCAST #4 | My Favorite Games of All Time


    In my first solo podcast episode, let's take some time to reflect on the best games of all time in my book. I'll list the games that currently have that honor, and why they hold that special place in my heart. RULES FOR JUDGING No New Games: Titles must have been released at least 3 years ago (so newness doesn’t bias my opinion, some new games age quickly) Timelessness: I must have played it recently (within the last several months)  Still Enjoyable Today: Must still be enjoyable in its current state (no defunct MMOs, etc.)
  • INDIGOCAST podcast

    INDIGOCAST #3 | Games So Bad, They're Good w/ Mandalore & Raycevick


    Let's chat with game reviewer and video essay legends, Raycevick and Mandalore about our shared love for games SO BAD, they're actually GOOD!   GUESTS: Mandalore Gaming ► Raycevick ►
  • INDIGOCAST podcast

    INDIGOCAST #2 | Game Design Trends w/ Mah-Dry-Bread, Sole Porpoise & GriffinMuffin


    After a long intermission, INDIGOCAST returns with fellow YouTube gaming personalities Mah-Dry-Bread, Sole Porpoise and GriffinMuffin! This time, we're talking about game design trends that have come around recently, both good and bad. Hopefully it makes for some interesting conversation. GUESTS: Mah-Dry-Bread ► Sole Porpoise ► GriffinMuffin ►
  • INDIGOCAST podcast

    INDIGOCAST #1 | Ranking RPGs With Zhakaron, NerdSlayer & Shalashaskka


    In the debut episode of INDIGOCAST, the Indigo Gaming Podcast, we are joined by Nerdslayer, Zaric Zhakaron, and Shalashaskka. We will discuss and try to rank role-playing games from three categories: Japanese-style RPGs, Action RPGs and Classic/Western RPGs. GUESTS: NerdSlayer ► Zaric Zhakaron ► Shalashaskka ►

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