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In The Drink is a weekly podcast focused on better understanding the world of delicious alcoholic beverages through interviews with some of the most engaging people in the industry. It is hosted by Food & Wine Sommelier of the year and NY restaurant owner Joe Campanale. Who also happens to make a little wine in Italy himself, called Annona. Joe will be talking with winemakers, sommeliers, brewers, beverage directors, bartenders, distillers and journalists to hear first hand what goes in to making our favorite drinks.

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    Episode 224: Pascaline Lepeltier on Creating World-Class Wine Lists


    This week In The Drink welcomes Master Sommelier Pascaline Lepeltier. Pascaline grew up in the Loire Valley, so it almost seems like her career as a wine expert (and wine lover) was predestined. After moving to New York to be the Beverage Director of Rouge Tomate, Pascaline quickly made a name for herself in the wine world. In 2017 The World of Fine Wine named her list at Rouge Tomate the “Best Long Wine List in the World 2017” and “Wine List of the Year 2017.” Now she is a managing partner at Racines NY in Tribeca. Joe talks to Pascaline about what it’s like to be one of the world’s best sommeliers. In the Drink is powered by Simplecast
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    Episode 223: Athena Bochanis of Palinkerie on Hungarian Wine


    This week Joe talks to Athena Bochanis, founder and owner of Palinkerie, a company dedicated to bringing the wine culture of Hungary to the US. Athena was getting her law degree when she discovered her love of Hungarian wine while in Budapest. That discovery that led her away from law and into the world of wine where she has carved a place as the go to for Hungarian wine. Joe talks to Athena about how she started her company and what makes the wine she imports so unique. In The Drink is powered by Simplecast
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  • In the Drink podcast

    Episode 222: Talia Baiocchi on Writing about Cocktails and Wine


    This week on In The Drink, Joe welcomes back Talia Baiocchi. Talia is a James Beard Award-winning author and Editor-in-Chief of In The Drink's favorite online drinks publication, PUNCH. Joe sits down with her to talk about the mag's excellent wine coverage and recent book publications, Session Cocktails and Mini Bar. In The Drink is powered by Simplecast
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    Episode 221: Fred Niger of Domaine de l'Ecu


    This week, Joe sits down with Fred Niger of Domaine de l'Ecu. Domaine de l’Ecu is a well loved vineyard famous for elevating Muscadet. One of the first to farm in the Loire Valley, their wines have been grown organically since 1975 and biodynamically since 1992. Fred has been in charge of maintaining the stellar reputation of the vineyard since lauded winemaker Guy Bossard passed him the torch in 2009. The vineyard continues to be an excellent example of how biodynamic farming can create delicious, interesting wines. In the Drink is powered by Simplecast
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    Episode 220: Antonio Benanti on His Volcanic Vineyard


    This week on In The Drink, Joe sits down with winemaker Antonio Benanti. Antonio and his twin brother Salvino run their family’s notable winery which sits on Sicily’s famed Mount Etna. The unique location on an active volcano not only gives a special lore to the wine, but also offers a unique terroir. Joe discusses the family history that shaped the Benanti vineyard and the particular challenges and rewards of growing wine on a volcano. Powered by Simplecast
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    Episode 219: Rajat Parr on his Great Wines Field Guide


    "This week Joe talks to Rajat Parr who is an acclaimed sommelier, winemaker and there’s plenty talk about. Especially Rajat’s hotly anticipated book 'The Sommelier’s Atlas of Taste: A Field Guide to the Great Wines of Europe'. The book, described as “the first definitive reference book to describe, region-by-region, how the great wines of Europe should taste” is sure to be an essential guide to aspiring sommeliers, or anyone who just loves great wine. Joe dives in on the making of the book, and all the amazing wines that went into it. " In The Drink is powered by Simplecast.
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    Episode 218: Dustin Wilson and Jeff Taylor of Verve Wine


    This week on In The Drink, Joe is joined by Dustin Wilson, co-founder of Verve Wine in TriBeCa and Jeff Taylor, the store’s GM. Both Jeff and Dustin are sommeliers who have worked at some of the best restaurants in the world. Dustin is best known for his position as Wine Director at Eleven Madison Park and his expertise led him to have a leading role in the critically acclaimed documentary about Master Sommeliers ‘SOMM’. Jeff was on the opening team of Masa and worked for the B&BHG on opening Bistro du Vent. In 2007 he started a seven year stint at Eleven Madison Park where he was Captain for two years before becoming a Sommelier and eventually Head Sommelier. Now, Dustin and Jeff are part of the team behind Verve Wine, a wine shop that uses their shared background in the restaurant world to curate an exceptional wine retail experience. Joe talks to them about making the transition into wine retail and what makes their shop so unique. In The Drink is powered by Simplecast.
  • In the Drink podcast

    Episode 217: Ryan Mills-Knapp on Sourcing Rare Wines


    As partner of the unique wine supplier R Squared Selections, Ryan Mills-Knapp knows the ins and out of sourcing especially hard to find bottles of wine. This week, Ryan returns to In The Drink to talk about the fascinating world of rare wines. Ryan’s career began in 2004 when he moved to New York City to pursue his interest in the wine and spirits industry. At his first job as a server at Amuse, he helped the wine director assemble the wine list. The restaurant also hosted American Sommelier Association classes in the space, so he was able to further his knowledge of wine. He moved on to become the beverage director at chef Waldy Malouf’s Beacon Restaurant where he curated the wine selection, and was put in charge of the liquor and beer programs. At Beacon, he began his real wine education, learning about producers, vintages and styles. In 2006, he was hired as beverage manager at Jean-George Vongerichten’s Spice Market and oversaw the cocktail, beer and wine lists, before joining Drew Nieporent’s Myriad Restaurant Group as head sommelier at Corton and Tribeca Grill. Throughout his years in the restaurant industry, he met members of the Craft restaurant family. These relationships led him to join the team at Colicchio & Sons as beverage director in 2012. In the Drink is powered by Simplecast
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    Episode 216: Victoria James on Understanding Good Rosé


    This week on In the Drink, Joe sits down with Cote Beverage Director and rosé aficionado, Victoria James, to talk about what's good -- and what's bad -- in the world of pink wine. Victoria got an early start in the restaurant business at the age of 13, blazing her path as a server, bartender, and sommelier at Harry’s at Hanover Square, Aureole, Morini and Piora before becoming Beverage Director at Cote in NYC. She became a Certified Sommelier at age 21, has been named a Wine and Spirits “Best New Sommelier”, Forbes and Zagat’s “30 Under 30” and a Wine Enthusiast “40 Under 40 Tastemaker.” Victoria is also the author of Drink Pink: A Celebration of Rose, and a contributor to Cosmopolitan, Munchies and The Daily Meal. In the Drink is powered by Simplecast
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    Episode 215: Piero Incisa on Family Tradition, Argentina, and Biodynamics


    This week we welcome Piero Incisa of Bodega Chacra. Piero comes from one of the oldest and most celebrated winemaking families in Italy. He's the grandson of Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta -- who broke with Tuscan tradition in the 1940s to create Sassicaia, one of Italy's most sought after wines -- and the nephew of Nicolo’ Incisa della Rocchetta, who currently manages the family’s winemaking enterprises. Piero spent his childhood on the family estate in the Maremma district of Tuscany After discovering a pinot noir grown in Patagonia, Piero decided to start his own winery in Argentina. He founded Bodega Chacra in 2004 in the Rio Negro Valley of Northern Patagonia after buying an abandoned vineyard. Apart from producing delicious wines, Chacra is notable for it's biodynamic farming practices. This holistic approach sees the farm as a single, living organism and each element is balanced to create a self-sustaining ecosystem. Joe and Piero sit down to discuss how Chacra got it's start and what this farming philosophy, which is growing in popularity worldwide, means for the winemaking process. In the Drink is powered by Simplecast

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