Heart of Family Medicine podcast

Heart of Family Medicine

Alberta College of Family Physicians

Thank you for tuning into the Alberta College of Family Physician’s podcast The Heart of Family Medicine. This podcast will explore stories that demonstrate the unique and trusted relationships that Albertans have with their family physicians. The interviews and stories will communicate the collective contributions, capabilities, and commitments of family physicians to the people of Alberta. Family physicians have a special role in the health care system due to their broad scope of practice and relationships with other healthcare providers. They work diligently both within and outside of their practices to provide excellent care to their patients and contribute to the health of their communities and the advancement of family medicine. We often define the specialty of family medicine using the head, the hands, and the heart as an analogy. With the head encompassing the medical information and knowledge gathered during medical school; the hands acting as the catalyst to apply the skills and knowledge developed; and lastly the compassion and the emotional intelligence to be able to connect and communicate with the people they serve symbolizing the Heart of Family Medicine. We hope you enjoy our podcast and continue to hear more from us.

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