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Alberta College of Family Physicians

Thank you for tuning into the Alberta College of Family Physician’s podcast The Heart of Family Medicine. This podcast will explore stories that demonstrate the unique and trusted relationships that Albertans have with their family physicians. The interviews and stories will communicate the collective contributions, capabilities, and commitments of family physicians to the people of Alberta. Family physicians have a special role in the health care system due to their broad scope of practice and relationships with other healthcare providers. They work diligently both within and outside of their practices to provide excellent care to their patients and contribute to the health of their communities and the advancement of family medicine. We often define the specialty of family medicine using the head, the hands, and the heart as an analogy. With the head encompassing the medical information and knowledge gathered during medical school; the hands acting as the catalyst to apply the skills and knowledge developed; and lastly the compassion and the emotional intelligence to be able to connect and communicate with the people they serve symbolizing the Heart of Family Medicine. We hope you enjoy our podcast and continue to hear more from us.

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  • Heart of Family Medicine podcast

    Dr. Shirley Schipper: Balancing family, medicine, and establishing women in leadership roles


    In this episode, Dr. Shirley Schipper bravely shares personal experiences and tribulations she has faced as a woman in leadership positions over the years. Listen to Dr. Schipper's honest take on the good, the bad, and the hope for equitable opportunities for leaders in medicine. 
  • Heart of Family Medicine podcast

    Dr. Rollie Nichol: Alignment, accountability, and answering the call to family medicine


    Dr. Rollie Nichol's story begins with his military upbringing that shaped his aspiration for leadership. Family medicine may not have initially been on his radar, but it soon became his calling. Find out how Dr. Nichol discovered his path to family medicine, how the specialty has evolved over the years, and how he pushes the boundaries to ask ‘what’s next’ in these changing times.
  • Heart of Family Medicine podcast

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  • Heart of Family Medicine podcast

    Dr. Allan Bailey: Applying systems thinking to the heart of family


    Having started his professional career as a civil engineer, Dr. Allan Bailey quickly realized that his astute problem solving and systems thinking skills could quickly be transplanted into a different sector—health care. Realizing his childhood dream, Dr. Bailey found a new path in family medicine and has been building connections with his patients and community partners ever since.
  • Heart of Family Medicine podcast

    Dr. Cathy Scrimshaw: Transitioning out of rural family practice after 30 years


    After more than 30 years of rural family practice and 28 years as a family doctor in the community of Pincher Creek, Dr. Cathy Scrimshaw reflects on her time in rural family practice—the significant patient relationships she’s developed over the years, what it has meant to her personally, and what the future of family medicine and family practice holds.
  • Heart of Family Medicine podcast

    Matthew Corkum: Taking the fear out of disabilities through inclusion, determination, and a zest for life


    Having been diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 18 months didn’t stop Matt from achieving and excelling at all things he does. Matt is an accomplished meteorologist and, in his spare time, a public speaker, advocating and educating people on the importance of inclusion of people with physical disabilities. On this podcast, Matt shares his patient story about the challenges and successes he has experienced through the health care system.
  • Heart of Family Medicine podcast

    Drs. Marjan Abbasi and Sheny Khera: Healthy aging through efficient, coordinated, and collaborative models of care


    Drs. Marjan Abbasi and Sheny Khera have created and lead real and tangible positive change for the senior patient population by developing a primary health care model for healthy aging. Rooted in the Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) vision, Drs. Abbasi and Khera designed a proactive and preventative care model by including the patient, their families, and the care teams who support them in the design, development, and implementation of it. The wholistic and comprehensive care model not only looks at the PMH vision but the whole health and wellness neighbourhood primary care networks and partner organizations can provide.
  • Heart of Family Medicine podcast

    Dr. Susan Adelman: Serving underserved communities with compassion, grace, and understanding


    Dr. Susan Adelman is a champion and advocate for her patients wherever she practises—be it in the northern Alberta community of Peerless Trout First Nation to Stand Off, Alberta within the Blood Tribe community, or her street outreach work for safe substance use. Listen to Dr. Adelman while she shares her perspective on serving underserved populations and provides an exemplary model of how to build empathy and understanding for patients. 
  • Heart of Family Medicine podcast

    Dr. Scott Garrison: Facilitating practice change through family medicine research and pragmatic trials


    Finding a way to connect the dots to solve the big problems family physicians and their practices face is what keeps Dr. Scott Garrison going. Learn how a simple conversation with his patient informed his passion to help family physicians answer the big questions and changed his professional trajectory.
  • Heart of Family Medicine podcast

    Dr. Eddie Denga: A recipe for success in family medicine


    A dash of humility, a splash of collaboration, and a healthy pinch of communication are just a few of the essential ingredients Dr. Edward Denga believes are baked into all family physicians. But what is the secret ingredient you might ask? With over 25 years of experience in comprehensive care, Dr. Denga's episode reveals how an interest in people (and their stories) ultimately lead to the overall success of healthy patients and communities. 
  • Heart of Family Medicine podcast

    Dr. Noel DaCunha: Practising in rural communities is about the people


    Westlock family doctor, Noel DaCunha has been the town family doctor for 30 years. He has developed relationships with his patients that span over four or five generations in some cases. Learn more about what it’s like to be a rural family doctor; why he continues to choose to practise in rural Alberta and how he finds optimism in this trying time.

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