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Tootl Transport with Michelle Dacy and Steve Greenbaum

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Michelle Dacy has been in the special needs transportation segment for 20+ years. In 2012, she launched a non-emergency medical transportation business in Chicago to provide high-quality customer service to seniors and people with physical and cognitive challenges. Tootl provides an incredibly needed service for people of all ages and abilities. With a low investment, low overhead (no leases, retail locations, or equipment required) and excellent gross profit margins, Tootl stands out among other opportunities. Tootl is also backed by founders with over 20 years of experience and proven franchise leaders with nearly 30 years of experience building brands and serving the franchise community. 

Joining Michelle on today’s episode is Steve Greenbaum, a board member, advisor, and investor of Tootl Transport. He is a titan in the franchising industry and he shares his drive to support Tootl Transport. As far as competition, Tootl’s business model is unique to the franchise industry. At the client level, Tootl’s high level of customer service is above and beyond others in the non-emergency medical transportation industry.


Key Takeaways:

[2:30] - Michelle explains how she worked for a special needs transport service and branched out on her own.

[3:40] - Any need for special transportation can be assisted by Tootl Transport.

[6:01] - Multiple locations over a period of time is beneficial to prove the model.

[7:40] - Transportation services have been around a while but the industry has transformed in the last decade with the use of technology.

[9:43] - While transportation is the goal, the drivers are also trained to help the customer out of their home and into the vehicle.

[10:57] - When Michelle began Tootl in Chicago, she knew that she had a model that could be duplicated.

[12:27] - It’s important to know that you can’t do it all. You have to invest in people.

[15:24] - Tootl is brand new to the franchise model.

[18:50] - There is a huge population of ideal franchisees for the simple business Tootl offers.

[20:31] - Personality wise, an ideal franchisee has a good heart.

[22:12] - Steve explains what Tootl can provide and the needs their model can meet.

[26:41] - Steve and Michelle describe their vision for Tootl in the coming years.


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