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Seven Brothers Burgers with Seek Hannemann

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Joining today is Seek Hannemann, CEO of Seven Brothers Burgers. At Seven Brothers, they believe that the food industry is growing and pushing to faster, quicker, more convenient ways of how customers experience dining out. The human connection that restaurant food once had is getting buried and looked over by this constant race. They are in an effort to build and focus, more than ever, on that connection to bring back that feeling. Seven Brothers is a family focused business and says, "We're not in the burger business. We're in the business of changing lives." When customers come in, they want to make sure they feel wanted, needed, and appreciated. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:52] - Seven Brothers Burgers started as a family business at one location in Hawaii and eventually opened a second location before moving stateside.

[3:04] - Initially, they weren’t sure about franchising out of fear of losing the integrity of the family business. They sought guidance before diving in.

[4:35] - As a family-focused business, one priority for Seven Brothers is to bring franchisees on board that share the same values.

[5:54] - They began with social media marketing, but the majority of franchisees have come from word of mouth in current locations.

[8:40] - Seek shares a little of the menu items that set them apart.

[10:56] - One motto of Seven Brothers is, “If it’s not perfect, it’s not worth it.”

[12:15] - There really are seven brothers in the family and all of them are heavily involved in the business.

[14:26] - What are the goals and mission for Seven Brothers Burgers moving forward?

[15:17] - Seek shares his favorite menu item.


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