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Incite Tax with Founder and CEO John Briggs

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Founder of Incite Tax and the author of Profit First For Microgyms, John Briggs has a theme: "The IRS Sucks". Business owners should keep more of their money to build long-term wealth. John joins the podcast today to share how he has built an amazing team of nontraditional accountants to help combat IRS bullying. John is a man on a mission to give entrepreneurs an actual work-life balance so they don’t get burned out. He helps them increase their cash immediately so they can have confidence in their choices and become financially resilient.


Key Takeaways:

[2:19] - John shares his background and why he founded Incite Tax.

[3:40] - He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs stay in business.

[4:41] - Not enough capital and mismanaging capital are the number one pain points for franchisees.

[5:33] - The demand for something expands to match its supply.

[7:23] - John shares a way to manage money through multiple types of accounts.

[8:53] - The first step of the Profit First method is to do a cash flow analysis.

[12:03] - It is never too late to start thinking about a cash flow system. Start now.

[14:06] - John explains why gyms and fitness businesses are a niche for Incite Tax.

[17:23] - Because they are so experienced with the business model, Incite Tax can see the challenges before they do.

[20:18] - You can negotiate lease agreements.

[22:45] - John explains the systems he has built that help people avoid burnout.

[26:37] - When is it time to think about adding another location to a business?

[30:16] - Think about how to maximize the space you are in.

[35:02] - It’s not always the best idea to open a second location.


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