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Homefront Brands with CEO Jeff Dudan

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Jeff Dudan is the CEO of Homefront Brands, a platform of property service franchisors as well as Chairman of Dudan Group, the capital partner to Homefront Brands and others. Dudan Group invests capital, provides expertise, and offers services that enable people to join, buy, build, or expand franchise systems. Jeff is the author of Discernment; The Business Athletes Regimen for a Great Life through Better Decisions, a Forbes contributor, sought after speaker, and consultant to emerging franchise brands. Jeff served YPO as Chapter Chair of the Southern Sands Chapter, and IFA Franchisor Forum as a member. Jeff appeared on Season 8 of Undercover Boss in January 2017. His journey began as a college athlete who founded a business to paint student housing. After graduation, he assisted South Florida in recovering from Hurricane Andrew which led to the launch of AdvantaClean in 1994. With 240 locations, AdvantaClean became a national strategic partner with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and was acquired by Home Franchise Concepts January 2019. 

In this episode, Jeff talks about his journey, successes, and lessons learned along the way as well as how to learn more about Homefront Brands.


Key Takeaways:

[3:29] - You can have a variety of different experiences by meeting new people. Franchising gives you the opportunity to collaborate and learn from others.

[4:26] - For some businesses and business owners, franchising isn’t right, but Jeff believes that it is the best way to build wealth and success.

[6:37] - Creating the entrepreneurial framework within the confines of a franchise system can be challenging depending on the franchise brand.

[9:00] - Jeff describes the beginning of his career after graduating college.

[11:26] - We have points in our lives where we have to make big life-changing decisions.

[13:31] - What are the deciding factors behind Homefront Brands?

[16:22] - Territories in a brand are really important to get right.

[18:52] - Jeff explains how they mapped out territories.

[21:04] - There are several businesses under the umbrella of Homefront Brands and together they offer a wide variety of services.

[22:38] - It is important to be a values-forward company.

[23:55] - Jeff shares the most valuable change he made to his mindset and what his leadership style is.

[27:10] - What is Jeff’s hope for Homefront Brands over the next few years?


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