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Franchise Fame with Founder and CEO Dani Peleva

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Franchise Fame is a multi-award winning global franchise marketing agency. Over the years they have been nominated and have won various awards such as the Best PR & Marketing Firm by the Global Franchise for 2022, Franchise Excellence Award and European Search Awards. They work with global franchise brands some of which count more than 3000 locations worldwide. They connect aspiring entrepreneurs with already successful brands and in this way create more decent work, economic growth and equal opportunities for everybody. Dani Peleva, the founder and CEO of Franchise Fame, joins us today.

Dani led the marketing and branding teams of a global franchisor and later on became a franchisee herself, before founding her award-winning franchise marketing agency. Gaining invaluable experience and extensive knowledge of franchise marketing, both client and agency-side, Dani has worked with franchises from the UK, USA, Australia, Europe and South America, some of which have a presence in more than 2,600 locations worldwide. As a key person of influence in the sector, Dani has been featured in multiple media outlets and is often invited to talk about franchising and franchise marketing at conferences, events and podcasts.


Key Takeaways:

[2:44] - Dani shares her background and how her passion for marketing led her to her current endeavors.

[4:08] - Initially, Dani invested in a franchise that allowed her to pay off student loan debt and put herself in the shoes of a franchisee.

[6:03] - Marketing is very unique to every location and it's important for franchisees to understand their local market.

[7:59] - Dani describes how Franchise Fame is approached by franchisors and franchisees alike.

[9:42] - Franchisors are very busy and juggle a lot at once. Franchise Fame helps them market for franchise recruitment.

[11:19] - Positive reviews are so important for any business, but especially a franchise.

[13:30] - It is all about showing that you care.

[14:48] - There are many business owners that do not have a strategy to protect their reputation.

[16:57] - Dani shares that Franchise Fame is candid and honest with their clients, especially when it comes to their online reputation.

[19:27] - Dani is the author of the book also called Franchise Fame.

[21:16] - When you know your ideal client or customer, you will learn how to market to them.

[24:40] - Personal branding and business branding are merging into one.


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