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Clean Eatz with Don and Evonne Varady

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Clean Eatz, which launched in 2011 and started franchising in 2015, was co-founded by husband-and-wife duo Don and Evonne Varady. They are heart-driven to “Change Livez” through clean, balanced food, thought-provoking education, and motivational support that inspires results. They know personal wellness is not one-size-fits-all, so they craft nutritional products and fitness opportunities that meet the needs of every type of lifestyle. Clean Eatz isn't a company, they are a community, and that is certainly something that sets them apart in the industry. Most think that they are just a cafe and sell food but they are in the business of changing “livez”!


Key Takeaways:

[2:19] - Don and Evonne are a husband and wife duo. They share their background and how they began this business.

[4:40] - The idea came from Evonne’s passion for health and fitness.

[6:22] - Clean Eatz began franchising in 2015 with the help of an investor.

[9:14] - Don explains that Evonne came into his life at a fateful time.

[11:13] - Don filed bankruptcy and started over.

[12:19] - For about two years, Don and Evonne actually lived in the restaurant.

[15:19] - They were broke when they moved and social media marketing wasn’t a luxury they had. Evonne describes some of the things they did to get the word out.

[18:31] - Before launching Clean Eatz in North Carolina, the boundaries and roles were already set.

[20:10] - Opening multiple locations hadn’t occurred to Don and Evonne until about 2 years in.

[22:07] - Oftentimes, the founders are not the ones who initially consider franchising.

[23:18] - Evonne describes the beginning of the franchise process and the learning curve she experienced.

[25:17] - Franchising is all about investing in people.

[27:39] - Culture is earned.

[29:04] - Principle over convenience.

[31:22] - It starts with the customer, and you need to get to know them.

[34:03] - At the time of this podcast recording, there are 92 locations ready to get going.

[35:06] - Don describes the ideal franchisees for Clean Eatz.

[37:23] - Check your ego at the door and continue to be humble.


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