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C Squared Advisors with Pete DiFilippo

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Today’s guest is Pete DiFilippo, a principal at C Squared Advisors, a leading investment bank and advisory firm that helps multi-unit franchisees in the restaurant and retail industries maximize the value of their businesses by presenting comprehensive solutions and executing complex transactions. Prior to joining C Squared, DiFilippo served in franchise finance leadership roles for well-known national banking institutions.

With more than 100 years of collective experience, C Squared has helped sell, purchase, re-franchise, and recapitalize more than 10,000 franchised locations. Services include mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, valuations, private financing and recapitalization, restructuring, and ongoing financial advisory services.


Key Takeaways:

[2:46] - Pete shares his background and experience in business and franchising.

[4:20] - Covid-19 changed so many things and caused a lot of turmoil in the industry.

[6:23] - Some franchisees may get to a point where they want or need to sell.

[8:29] - Pete describes how C Squared helps franchisees and franchisors with their business and their specific needs.

[10:21] - C Squared doesn’t focus on specific types of clients and customers. They customize their service to work with every type of franchise.

[11:20] - What sets C Squared apart from the other advisory companies?

[13:30] - Pete shares his advice for business owners to be prepared for the time they want to sell their business. They need to have everything in order.

[17:41] - Surround yourself and your business with the right people.

[18:54] - C Squared looks closely at a lot of different factors to make sure businesses are appealing to potential buyers.

[20:54] - Focus on the things you can control. There’s always going to be noise and issues, but continue to stay focused.

[21:27] - This industry is very resilient.


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