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Welcome back to the Community Strategy Podcast! I'm thrilled you are here and excited to jump into this new episode! Since opening Community Builders with Purpose, I've been reminded that we can learn much from our peers. 

I've been looking for ways to support my clients and encourage them to move faster by focusing on a few or, better yet, one option at a time. I was looking for speakers to join the community when Windy Lawson shared her talk about "Thriving with TMI” (Too Many Ideas). Windy joins the Community Builders with Purpose in a pre-recorded presentation to community members. 

Since 2017, Windy has been on a journey to help female microbusiness owners in the start-up phase or those who've recently turned a part-time side hustle into a full-time gig. You are in the right place if you are tired of chasing shiny objects that the gurus told you are the holy grail of success.

"Where do you seem to get your best ideas?" Windy asks at the beginning of this session. She works with women who are creating a business independently. In that space, she said that getting ideas or deciding on an idea "gets a bad rap."

We say things like we are "chasing squirrels" or "shiny object syndrome," which is why the idea seems to get the brunt of the criticism—Windy points out that ideas are powerful and are what push us forward.

Learn More about Windy. 

Click here for complete show notes. 

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