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Jason Graves | Composer: The Devil In Me

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Composer Jason Graves has paved an incredible career path over the years, with a strong focus on scoring games. We take a walk down memory lane as Jason talks about his early years being mentored by composers like Elmer Bernstein, the ins and outs of scoring games, how working on Until Dawn with Supermassive Games led to The Dark Pictures Anthology, and how he approached the latest installment The Devil In Me.

We also talk about scoring video game tie-ins to movies like Flushed Away and King Arthur, and how he always tries to get the composer of the film's blessing and insight before doing a game like that. Jason also talks about how it feels that the Dead Space remake is upon us, and how touched he is that they decided to re-use his original score in the remake.

Lots of amazing insight and great stories from one of the most prominent composers in gaming!

A Film.Music.Media Interview | Produced & Presented by Kaya Savas

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