Fearless and Free: Spirit, Soul, Body podcast

Fearless and Free: Spirit, Soul, Body

Dana Grindal

Fearless and Free was birthed during the Covid-19 season of lockdowns and loss, when so much of the world was experiencing dysfunction. The focus of news and conversation was on illness instead of wellness. Dana was living in London in lockdown. Laura in Houston. Together they experienced the world’s heart wounds being exposed and on display. Even in the church, people were giving their wounds a voice. Having experienced inner healing themselves they knew there was more to share. Thats the good news! We don’t have to stay bound to those places of fear and loss. As an inner healing minister, author and Biblical teacher, Dana is passionate to empower others to overcome obstacles in their own hearts and relationships to bring freedom and healing. This is not behavior modification but healing from the heart that brings wholeness and restores alignment with your true purpose in Christ. In this new season at Fearless and Free, we seek to empower you as an integral part of the body of Christ to move into the next level of power and authority, using your voice to bring healing and hope to your sphere of influence.

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