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326: Michael Ciccone - Infrared Landscape Photography

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For most photographers, the thought of trying infrared photography fills us with a whole list of questions. How do we even start? What is the point? Why should I even try infrared photography? What will my photographs look like? How much will it cost? Fortunately, the guest of today's podcast has already gone down this rabbit hole and has the answers to your questions. This week on the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Ciccone, a Canadian landscape photographer living in Australia. Michael has recently been specializing in infrared photography and shared his knowledge with us on today's episode.

On this week's episode, we discuss:

  • How Michael got into photography and more specifically, infrared photography.
  • How and why Michael started in street photography.
  • How studying architecture has helped Michael in his pursuit of photography and vice versa.
  • The different types of infrared photography (IR) that exist, including full-spectrum and 720nm.
  • What we should know about converting our cameras for IR photography.
  • Places to convert your camera to infrared, including Kolari Vision and Life Pixel.
  • Tips for starting to print your work from home.
  • How photography has enhanced Michael's relationships.
  • And a lot more!

If you enjoyed our conversation, you can listen to our bonus episode on Patreon where Michael and I discuss the challenges of balancing photography with our busy lives.

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