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ETFs (exchange-traded funds) are one of the fastest growing trends in investing and now ETF Edge has you covered. Each week, CNBC's Stocks Editor Bob Pisani is joined by top market participants offering educational and actionable advice to help you build your best portfolio. And, at the end of each episode, stick around for our 'Markets 102' segment where we round out the conversation with some thoughtful, in-depth analysis and perspective to help you better understand ETFs, and put it in the context of today's markets.

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    Crypto Crunch & Digital Assets in 2022


    CNBC's Bob Pisani spoke with Ric Edelman, Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals founder and author of the “The Truth About Crypto” – along with Matt Hougan, CIO of Bitwise Investments. They discussed today’s sell-off including Bitcoin - now down more than 40% from its recent highs in November. What does the future of crypto look like and will we finally get a pure-play bitcoin ETF in 2022?  In the ‘Markets 102’ portion of the podcast, Bob continues the conversation with Ric Edelman.
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    2022 ETF Themes


    Happy New Year! CNBC's Bob Pisani spoke with Tom Lydon, CEO of ETF Trends and John Davi, CEO and CIO of Astoria Portfolio Advisors. Coming off a record-breaking year for ETF flows, Bob kicks off 2022 with a deep dive into the most salient themes to watch for in the weeks and months ahead … everything from covid concerns and rising interest rates to rich-looking tech valuations, crypto, ESG and more. Plus, a brand-new ETF that aims to help investors not only protect against but also profit from rising inflation. In the ‘Markets 102’ portion of the podcast, Bob continues conversation with Tom Lydon from ETF Trends.
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    This Year's Top Themes & 2022's "Shiny New Object"


    CNBC's Bob Pisani spoke with Jay Jacobs, Head of Research and Strategy at Global X ETFs – along with Alex Shephard, founding partner at ETF Action. They discussed the lay of the land for ETFs this year – what the most pivotal themes and trends driving the action were – and what investors can expect as they prepare to ring in a new year for the markets. Plus, while the so-called hot “thematic” trends like ESG and crypto may appear to be all the rage, the flows may be telling a different story. In the ‘Markets 102’ portion of the podcast, Bob continue the conversation with Jay Jacobs from Global X Funds.
  • ETF Edge podcast

    The Fed's Impact & 2022 Outlook


    CNBC's Bob Pisani spoke with Gerard O'Reilly, CO-CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Dimensional Fund Advisors and Nate Geraci, President of the ETF Store. They discussed where markets are headed in 2022 with the looming threat of a faster taper and protentional rate hikes coming down the pike. Plus, why more mutual funds are embracing the ETF model now than ever, and whether hot thematic trends like ESG, Crypto and the Metaverse are built to last. In the 'markets 102' portion of the podcast, Bob continues the conversation with Nate Geraci from The ETF Store.
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    The Next-Gen Investor


    CNBC's Bob Pisani spoke with Anthony Denier, CEO of Webull, Andrew McOrmond, Managing Director at Wallachbeth Capital and Harry Whitton, Head of ETF Sales Trading at Old Mission Capital. They discussed the fallout from the market sell-off, will the emergence of a new Covid-19 variant add even more fuel to an already pro-growth, anti-cyclical trade in November? Plus, the popular trading app Webull - a rival to Robinhood - weighs in on sentiment as more young investors get into the ETF game.
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    Schwab's New ETF & Bitcoin ETF Pitfalls


    CNBC's Leslie Picker spoke with Tom Lydon, CEO of ETF Trends, David Botset, Head of Equity Product and Strategy at Schwab Asset Management, and Dave Abner, Head of Business Development at Gemini. They discussed the cyclical trade as the reopening story loses steam … how do investors set up ahead of the holiday season? Plus, two of the ETF community’s favorite themes – ESG and crypto – and why one guest actually thinks a pureplay bitcoin ETF could be just around the corner.
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    Bitcoin ETF Bust


    CNBC's Bob Pisani spoke with Anna Paglia, Global Head of ETFs and Indexed Strategies at Invesco, Dave Nadig, Director of ETF Research at ETF Trends, and James Davolos of Horizon Kinetics. They discussed how ETF investors can hope to play the rising tide of inflation, whether it be through key sectors, commodities or bonds, along with the never-ending crypto conundrum. What was behind the SEC’s rejection of the latest pure-play bitcoin ETF proposal? And is the crypto community any more optimistic about 2022? In the ‘Markets 102’ portion of the podcast, Bob continues the conversation with Dave Nadig from ETF Trends.
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    Gold vs. Bitcoin & Gold ETFs


    CNBC's Bob Pisani spoke with George Milling-Stanley, chief gold strategist at State Street’s SPDR ETFs, and GraniteShares founder and CEO Will Rhind to break down the divergence between gold and bitcoin this year and global gold demand. In the 'Markets 102' portion of the podcast, Bob continues the conversation with Will Rhind to discuss Graniteshares XOUT ETF Strategy.
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    The Active-Passive Divide


    CNBC's Bob Pisani spoke with  Ed Rosenberg, Head of ETFs for American Century Investments, Jerome Schneider, Head of Short & Low Duration Portfolio Strategies at PIMCO, and Ben Johnson, Director of Global ETF Research at Morningstar. They discussed the age-old battle between active management and passive strategies - armed with fresh data from Morningstar’s latest report. Overall, passive is still the big winner despite a very topsy-turvy couple of years. In the ‘Markets 102’ portion of the podcast, Bob continues the conversation with Ben Johnson from Morningstar.
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    The Bitcoin ETF Craze


    CNBC's Bob Pisani spoke with Steven McClurg, CIO at Valkyrie Funds and Tom Lydon, CEO of ETF Trends. They discussed the world of crypto as more and more companies are jumping on the bitcoin futures ETF bandwagon, So far, the new trend has really taken off, so how can investors get in the game, and how might they look to bitcoin as a way to hedge against inflation? In the ‘Markets 102’ portion of the podcast, Bob continues the conversation with Tom Lydon from ETF Trends.

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